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About Optimising IT

Optimising IT was founded with a mission: we wanted to transform the way people thought about IT services.

For too long, IT services have been an overly expensive, overly complicated thorn in the side of business owners across the country. We all know the results are rewarding, but the journey is often fraught with blood, sweat and far too many tears.

But our team does things differently. Our team never wants you to be worried about your IT again.

We’ve invested our time and energy in connecting with the best in the business, hiring only people aligned with our goals and objectives. Over the years, we’ve built a team of true IT experts. From helpdesk support gurus and technical wizards to innovative consultants and forward-thinking project managers, the Optimising IT team is not only a collection of the brightest minds in IT but also a community of individuals who are passionate about making a difference in your business.

Save money, save time and save heartache with Optimising IT.

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Our Vision

Our vision – our mission – is simple: Optimising IT challenges the traditional way IT services are delivered. We focus on providing services based on our core values of trust, simplicity and respect.

We are a relationships-first kind of IT service provider.

First, we get to know you, and then working together we think about the best steps to take for your business and what we can do to help you. We don’t just sell you pre-packaged copy-and-paste services designed for any business that comes our way. Instead, we offer a tailor-made approach to IT that revolves around strategy, futureproofing and growth. Think of us as your IT department, sharing those same goals for development and success that any internal department of your company would. Our success is your success, and your success is ours.

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How We Do Business

Challenging the Way IT Services Are Delivered

Instead of making changes that benefit their company, business leaders sometimes avoid IT, as they lack confidence in the potential power of IT for growth and success. Poor experiences, reports in the media and anecdotes from colleagues, contacts and even rivals have ruined the idea of IT for them.

All too often, IT can become over-complicated. It’s seen as a costly investment and a potential risk for business owners and IT teams alike. At Optimising IT, we are committed to offering your business a very different kind of IT service. We never want you to dread having a conversation about IT again.

But IT is never the problem.

Better IT can transform your business and make it unstoppable. It’s how IT is delivered that is the issue. That’s why Optimising IT promises to be a different kind of IT service provider and nothing like the companies you’ve heard about or worked with in the past.

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What do we stand for?

Optimising IT values

Our service is built on three core values.
These values are everything to Optimising IT.
They help us shape our work culture and our client services.


Trust is essential to our work at Optimising IT.

Customers need to trust that we’re worth their time and money. We need to trust that our team is delivering their very best work for our customers. And you need to trust that we have your back and are committed to your happiness and development.

Optimising IT puts an emphasis on trust, which has helped us achieve the success we enjoy today.


Everything we do is based on clarity and simplicity.

In a world full of technical jargon, we need to cut through the buzzwords and complicated chatter to help both our team and our customers understand exactly what they need, how they can achieve their goals, and what we can do for them.

If you’re a person that appreciates clear and concise messaging, then you’re somebody we want to hear from.


Respect for each other and our customers is key to our success.

To Optimising IT, respect means understanding that everyone is different. We aim to develop support that is unique to the goals and ambitions of individuals, respectful of what they want to achieve, whether they’re an employee or a customer.

To earn the respect of those we support, we must respect them. Mutual respect is something we work hard to create.

Why Choose Us

The Optimising IT Difference

Do you need expert-level IT support for small- or medium-sized businesses delivered by friendly and forward-thinking professionals?

Choose Optimising IT for:

Our services are designed to make your life easier. We take the headache out of IT support, bringing total clarity to your business leadership and ensuring you’re always moving forward to bigger and better things. Get in touch with us and discover an IT support and consultancy service company that does things differently.

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Why choose us?

What Sets Us Apart from Other IT Service Providers?

happy team at Optimising IT

At Optimising IT, we put you at the heart of everything we do. Our laser-focused team of highly experienced professional IT consultants and technical staff are prepared to go the extra mile for your business. Our service is built around a single yet fundamental idea: to help you grow and succeed. To do this, we need to know what makes you tick.

That’s why we invest our time in learning about you. Our IT services are all about a consultancy-led approach. We get to know your business, your goals, your teams and your challenges. We dig in deep, so we can unearth the nuggets of opportunity that will help your business flourish.

We offer both remote IT services and onsite IT services but don’t think of us as just another outsourced service provider. Think of us as an extension of your business a cog in the engine that creates the well-oiled machine that is your company.

Our Culture

Let’s Grow Together

We pride ourselves on our friendly and collaborative working culture a culture that is supportive and rewarding for our team, helping to build strong interpersonal relationships that lead to a highly energised and positive working environment.

We love to surround ourselves with like-minded people both our team members and our customers – who can help us develop and nurture our culture so that together, we can foster greater success and grow as a community. It’s all about working together to achieve more.

We whole-heartedly believe that our culture means our team will:

  • Always be excellent listeners, taking time to connect and learn from you, which helps us take the right actions.
  • Feel approachable and trustworthy, helping you to gain the confidence you need to put your faith in us.
  • Easily strike a great work-life balance, allowing them to hone their focus and always give you their 100%.
  • Provide you with a truly bespoke and carefully considered service, and not just a paint-by-numbers IT package.
  • Always feel empowered to pass on their wisdom and experience to benefit you and your business objectives.

We’re driven to help you achieve more, and ready to jump into your IT project. At Optimising IT, we want you to get the most out of your IT, overcome your technical challenges and succeed. This way of thinking is baked into the very fabric of our company. At the heart of our business is a simple but important message our success is all about your success.

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Our Culture

B Corporation

We’re also proud to be recognized as a B Corporation. This certification underscores our commitment to not only excel in IT services but also to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Being a B Corporation is about integrating our business success with a positive impact on our community and the environment. It aligns perfectly with our belief in working together for more than just profit – it’s about making a meaningful difference. Learn more.

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Interested in working for Optimising IT and being part of our culture? Visit our careers page for job opportunities.

Our People

Meet the Team

Interested in working with Optimising IT to empower your IT services, solve technical challenges and grow your business? Then, why not learn more about the people who have made our support company the industry-leading, award-winning service that it is today?

While our team is built from people across a diverse range of backgrounds and professional experiences, we’re all heavily invested in one simple joint goal to deliver managed IT support and consultancy that stands far above our competition.­

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Call In the Experts

Get Started with Optimising IT

The pressure of IT system management can be intense, and the weight of having to find staff or specialists to support your business’s IT requirements is even more so. At Optimising IT, we understand these challenges and are ready to relieve that pressure. We’ll remove the weight from your shoulders and help you take care of your business IT needs.

By choosing to work with us, you get a partner who is invested in your future. Get a sense of what we do, who we are and if we’re the experts you need – and take your first step towards better IT services by contacting us today.


Got A Question About Your IT Systems and Services?

Our IT experts are ready and waiting to help you get more out of your business. Get in touch today!


Our experts are ready and waiting to help you get more out of your business. Get in touch today!



Optimising IT is an award-winning IT service provider with industry-leading accreditations and partnerships with major technology suppliers. But all this means absolutely nothing without happy and satisfied customers.

So, what do our customers say about us? Here is just a small selection of comments we’ve received from our clients: