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Understanding the data your business owns and processes is key to ensuring its security. Data breaches are more likely to occur where there’s a lack of knowledge about how information is handled within your business.

Data Privacy consultancy is a great way to ensure you’re taking the right action to keep your staff and customer data safe.

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About our data privacy consulting

Data privacy is essential, and we believe it to be a vital aspect of any business in the modern landscape. The policies, standards and guidance documents are critical, but true data privacy risk management is action-based.

Poor data privacy risk management results from undefined risk and control ownership, weak limits and a lack of planning. Optimising IT can fill this gap. We deliver clarity, structure and a position of “regulator-readiness” through our approach.

  • Programmatic — We define a practical privacy program with a target operating model and performance indicators to correct misaligned privacy risk ownership.
  • Risk-based — We are focused on risk controls that best suit your needs and business goals.
  • Integrated — We get well accustomed to our client’s business model, processes, systems or products and integrate specific privacy controls.
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About the service

About our data privacy services

We have a wealth of experience and expertise with privacy policy, its processes and technology. We can design, build, run, monitor and enhance your data privacy risk management capabilities.

We can also offer custom solutions for your business and specific industry and needs. Our services include: 


We can build your privacy program strategy and take control of its design, development and implementation. From start to finish, you can rely on our expertise to see through your privacy program.


We can help you with vendor selection, establish the requirements needed and assist with design and implementation.


Let us assess the regulatory requirements needed. We can help close gaps in compliance across global privacy and security regulations.


Don’t get tripped up. Instead, let us identify the potential risks with our privacy risk assessments, analysis, risk roadmaps and recommendations, including control monitoring and reviewing.


We understand the importance of making sure your privacy controls and framework suit the industry you operate within. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to privacy. We work with companies in the finance, insurance, automotive, property, energy, manufacturing, cloud services, public sector, recruitment, marketing and big data industries, plus more.


We can handle your day-to-day privacy program management, including access to an on-call response team and Data Protection Officer (DPO).


Build, and design is the first hurdle. We can take it over the finish line with our support, complaints and inquiries handling, data subject rights request-response, and consent tracking.


Merger and acquisitions (M&As) are stressful enough, and IT and privacy are often overlooked when a new venture begins. We can assist with M&A privacy due diligence and post-acquisition integration support.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Data privacy consulting

For organisations that deal in or with personal data, privacy consulting can confirm if you are meeting your obligations under data protection regulations — these include GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, Privacy in electronic communications regulation.