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All too often, calling your remote IT support provider means being given a reference number and then waiting to hear back before the problem is looked at and hopefully fixed. When incidents are handled in this way, it can leave staff feeling frustrated and in the dark as to when issues will be resolved.

Optimising IT has a different approach. With our managed IT services, your staff can contact us by email or telephone, safe in the knowledge that our experienced second and third level team will manage any incidents through to resolution, all the while keeping them informed of progress — resulting in minimal staff downtime and frustration.

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78% Average First Contact Resolution

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98.8% Average Customer Satisfaction Score

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About our remote IT support

We’re human, and we’re here to help.

Optimising IT was named the Best Small Enterprise Managed Service Provider at the IT Service & Support Awards 2020. You can trust us to provide you with your IT Desktop Support for your business.

We take the hassle and wasted time out of IT issues. No more waiting around for days to hear back. No more grumpy IT guys using complicated jargon. No more assuming you have done something wrong or stupid.

Optimising IT provides friendly IT support that is patient and actually listens to your issues. We’re quick to pick up the phone and quick to solve the problem. If we can’t solve it over the phone, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way until we do solve it.

78% First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Optimising IT boasts an impressive average first contact resolution (FCR) that exceeds 78%. Meaning we resolve 78% of the calls we take before you put the phone down.
We ensure every client we take on fits with our own business. It’s important that we fit together to create a solid working relationship. Solving problems demands effective teamwork.

We will keep disruption of your business at an absolute minimum. We’re a business too, and we know how disruptions can quickly affect business performance. Your success is our success, so resolving your IT issues is our top priority.

We prevent problems even better than we solve them. We’re not in the business of patching things back up until they break again. Our team of IT professionals are trained to identify opportunities where we can help prevent similar issues happening again, saving you money and future headaches.

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About the service

How our remote IT support works

Anyone can say they’re great at what they do. So, it’s essential first to see how that business works. Here’s how our remote IT desktop support works:

1. Identify

An issue is identified by a user or via our real-time monitoring alert system.

2. Log

The issue is logged via email, phone, self-service, chat, SMS or monitoring alert. We now know about it, and we have the details.

3. Resolve or process

We resolve 78% of the calls we take before you put the phone down. If we can’t solve it on the phone, we’ll provide you with a reference number.

4. Resolved or escalated

We usually resolve 100% of issues that we couldn’t solve over the phone within 2 days. If it’s a real head-scratcher, our team will escalate the issue to the third line team or a third party resolver group (pre-agreed in escalation routes).

5. Monitor and communicate

We keep you updated with progress as and when it happens, which we can provide via email, phone call or via our customer portal.

6. Quality control

Following every issue with solve, we will perform a quality control check to ensure similar problems don’t happen again and formulate a plan to deal with them quicker if they do. In some rare cases, we will perform a major incident review (if required).

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Remote IT support

IT desktop support is our flagship core IT support service. Our dedicated team of service desk engineers are on hand to help with all of your desktop and end-user IT support queries and requests. You can contact our service desk team via instant message in our customer support portal, via email or telephone.
There are some occasions where we’ll need to head to where you are to provide support. For that, we get our onsite IT Support engineers to you to provide the same level of service and support you get from the service desk. On occasion, you might even get to see one of the desk team at your place of work!
Depending on your environment, staff locations and devices, we will deploy appropriate tools to your devices to allow us to manage them remotely. Don’t worry — users have complete control over when we access those devices for support, and as an ISO27001-certified business, we take cyber security seriously.