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Optimise Your Business with a Google Workspace Partner

We are a Google Workspace partner, so we can help your business unlock its full potential with cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools. Our Google Cloud partner services are designed to support your business and help it thrive. 

As a Google Workspace partner, we work with Google to resell, implement and provide support for Google Workspace to our clients and businesses. By demonstrating expertise in deploying and managing Google Workspace solutions, we have been recognised as a Workspace partner.

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About the service

Why Partner with Optimising IT for Google Workspace?

From setting up seamless communication and collaboration to implementing our NCSC-assured security measures, we have your business safely covered. From initial consultation to deployment and beyond, our project teams have a proven track record of success. We take a hands-on approach to ensure every implementation is customised to meet the needs of our clients as a proactive and highly experienced Google Cloud partner company.

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Gain Access to Expertise You Can Trust

We optimise your Google Workspace platform, so you don’t have to. We simplify the workspace to enable you to focus on your business. Our team of certified experts can ensure you make the most of Google’s platform and tools as part of the Google Cloud partner advantage program.

Dedicated Support Team

Our experienced team are here to support you on your Google Workspace journey. We are here to assist you with any technical or operational challenges you may encounter, ensuring you can focus on your business. Whether it's technical guidance or strategic advice, we're committed to helping you succeed in delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Project Expertise with the Google Stack

In addition to sales and support, we optimise project delivery to use the full potential of the Google Stack. The Google Stack is a suite of Google Cloud services and tools that provide a robust infrastructure for computing, data storage, analytics and machine learning, enabling enhanced productivity and innovation.

The service

How We Can Help You Optimise Your Business

  • Sales and Licensing: We will assist businesses to purchase the right Google Workspace licenses and subscriptions based on their needs.
  • Deployment and Implementation: We will assist in setting up Google Workspace for organisations with a smooth transition and integration with existing systems.
  • Migration Services: We will assist with the migration of existing email, documents and other data to Google Workspace from other platforms.
  • Customisation and Configuration: We will customise Google Workspace to meet the specific requirements of our clients, including custom domain setups, branding and app integrations.
  • Training and Support: We will provide training for end-users and administrators to optimise the benefits of Google Workspace.
  • Consulting and Strategic Guidance: We will offer advice and insights on how to leverage Google Workspace to improve productivity, collaboration and security.

Businesses need to work with a reputable Google Workspace partner that aligns with their business needs and values to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing optimisation of the platform.

Google Cloud Partner