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Keeping your network and infrastructure in great shape is key to ensuring they continue to work for your business. Declining performance, disks reaching capacity and security vulnerabilities can lead to frustratingly slow performance, downtime or even loss of data and services.

Your network and infrastructure are the integral cogs in your company. A successful business needs the most suitable hardware, software, cabling, network equipment and sufficient power to stay ahead of the competition and operate to the best of its ability. Should these not perform optimally, your business is at risk.

Our expert technicians can help you make the best-informed decisions that are in line with your business goals, employee size and growth plans. We can help improve your business operations through network and infrastructure support and design.

Managed IT services from Optimising IT was awarded as the Best Small Enterprise Managed Service Provider at the IT Service & Support Awards 2020. You can trust us to provide you with Network and Infrastructure Support your business needs.

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Our network and infrastructure support

Our mission is to help your business run smoothly, scale efficiently and identify opportunities for growth and enhanced capabilities. All the time, keeping a sharp eye on your security and helping prevent future issues and resolving any problems that pop up along the way

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Our team has extensive experience in providing hardware solutions to businesses across multiple industries. We can give you access to the best hardware for your business using our bulk buying power made possible by our trusted partnerships.


The quality of software has rapidly become vital to the success of any business. With our solid relationships with vendors like Microsoft, we can provide the very best and latest software solutions at a reasonable price. We have extensive experience in Software Asset Management, ensuring our clients are adhering to Vendor licence terms, and operating with maximum efficiency.

Data cabling

One of the biggest issues with companies today is the inefficient design and components of their data cabling. There is little point in having the best hardware and software if your data cabling is not up to scratch. We take the hassle out of data cabling for you by assisting you with fresh installation or extensions to your data cabling infrastructure. Our highly experienced network engineers can help you with understanding the requirements, as well as recommending the optimum configurations for your application.

End to end solution for IT infrastructure

Is your business in need of a network and infrastructure overhaul? Or maybe just a one-off solution to get your business up to date and operating more efficiently? We specialise in consultation and implementation of network and infrastructure solutions. We can recommend what you need to do, how to do it, and we can even do the work for you if required.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking is all about flexibility, allowing your business to work faster and more efficiently. The more internet access your employees have around the office, the more flexible and productive they can be. But, with increased access comes increased vulnerability for your network. That’s why we ensure your network is safeguarded against external threats to protect your business assets and employees.



Optimising IT is an award-winning IT service provider with industry-leading accreditations and partnerships with major technology suppliers. But all this means absolutely nothing without happy and satisfied customers.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Network and infrastructure support

Network infrastructure is the core of your business network. It allows your user devices to connect to services hosted on your servers, either on-premise, in a data centre somewhere as part of a private cloud or in a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure. The network is arguably the most important part of any IT environment, regardless of if you have traditional servers or are 100% cloud-based as an organisation. If your network fails, no matter how good your other services are, you won’t be able to access them.

Our highly experienced network infrastructure support team offers third-line support for all network-related issues and requests and will help to ensure everything is running as it should.

Depending on what networking equipment you already have and its capabilities, we’ll carry out a range of tasks regularly to help keep things running. From the time you become a customer, we’ll work through our on-boarding process and cover the following items:

  • Initial network review and assessment.
  • Recommendations on improvements, ranging from re-patching exercises to neaten things up to replacing aged, out-of-support kit.
  • Installation and configuration of our network monitoring tools to pro-actively manage network devices and ensure regular network device backup — this part of the service depends on the network infrastructure currently in place.
  • Regular reviews of capacity and performance against your business requirements to ensure the network can support you.
  • If your network equipment supports it, regular firmware updates. Network devices like firewalls, switches and wi-fi access points run software that needs updating for performance and security.
Some networking equipment can’t be updated remotely. This is usually because it doesn’t have the capability for this or has stopped being supported by its manufacturer. If this is the case, we’ll let you know, and we can discuss the options. We can always come to the site out of hours and manually update the kit that will support it, or in some cases, we will recommend upgrading the kit. Network switches, wi-fi access points and firewalls require updating to comply with Cyber Essentials. If you have outdated network equipment, you won’t meet the requirements for Cyber Essentials, which is a must-have accreditation.
Yes, we do! Our third-line support team look after servers, storage arrays, NAS boxes and the other elements that make up your IT infrastructure. This can be across cloud, on-premise and in-native cloud services like Microsoft 365. We’ll also look after your backups and recommend any changes to help make your environment more stable and secure.