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Concerned about the ever-presented threat of hacking or data theft? Transform your digital security with our industry-leading cyber penetration testing and rest easy.

Discover the cyber security flaws you didn’t know you had
Learn how hackers could infiltrate your IT system and wreak havoc
Receive expert reports and analysis on how to stop cyber criminals.

Optimising IT cyber security consultants are experienced, qualified and ready to help you make vital changes.

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Why is penetration testing so important for your security?

Your cyber security is always under threat.

Cybercriminals are relentlessly attacking SMEs across the UK, attempting to steal data, damage digital assets or hold companies to ransom.

  • Rates of cyber attacks and data breaches are increasing
  • Many businesses have no idea they are being targeted
  • You may be dangerously vulnerable to cyber attacks without knowing it

Business leaders are becoming more aware of the risks their businesses face and want to take action. But what more can you do if you’ve got anti-virus software in place and have covered cyber security training?

Cyber penetration testing provides crucial insight into your cyber security flaws, so you can combat threats and avoid disasters. 

Did you know?

60% of SMEs that experience a major cyber security breach
will collapse within six months.

Don’t become one of them!

penetration testing

About the service

How does our cyber penetration testing work?

Our cyber security testing follows a simple three-step process to success

1. Review

An Optimising IT cyber security expert will attend your premises or access your systems remotely if you’re an online platform. We’ll evaluate all of your digital property and identify the endpoints from which a cyber criminal would attempt to access your data. This could include your computer systems, cloud services and employee devices.

2. Penetration testing

Our team will attempt to penetrate your security systems using the most advanced techniques available, working just as a hacker would. We’ll be testing your system’s ability to repel various hacking methods, looking for weaknesses and using state-of-the-art scanning software to seek out vulnerable elements of your IT security.

3. Analysis and reporting

Optimising IT cyber security testing comes complete with a detailed report identifying any hardware or software failures that allowed us to enter your system. We’ll outline vulnerabilities such as configuration problems, technical errors and software flaws that leave your system open to online attackers.

About the service

Types of penetration tests included

We can tailor our cyber penetration testing service to fit the needs of your business. Let’s work together to find the best solution for you.


A one-off cyber security test that offers you all the information you need to understand your current safety procedures.


Scheduled cyber testing services designed to give businesses regular updates on their cyber security situation.


Our experts use sophisticated technology to scan your IT systems, looking to identify any known weaknesses.


An in-depth look at your technical setup, from networks to software configuration, helping uncover design flaws.

About the service


Understand your risk

Our cyber security testing ensures you know exactly where your problems and weaknesses are. Eliminate the fog of war and gain a true understanding of what makes you vulnerable to cyber crime. We can then assist with our fully managed cyber security or compliance testing.


Knowledge is power, and you can use the knowledge we provide you to your advantage. Take our reports and turn them into improvements to your cyber security. Fend off attackers and keep data secure. You can take our reports in-house, or we can work together on your next steps with our managed IT services.


Data security compliance has never been more critical. With massive fines and penalties given out for cyber security breaches, maintaining legal compliance is your key to keeping your doors open. Cyber security testing allows you to identify areas of non-compliance and adapt to meet demands.


Work with Optimising IT to enhance your cyber security

Our CREST-accredited penetration testing is an essential service for all businesses looking to ensure they are doing all they can to reduce the threat of cyber crime. With over 100 years of combined experience within the industry, the award-winning Optimising IT team is ready to support your cyber security goals.

Contact our team today to discuss your next steps and learn more about our cyber security test rates, which can be up to 40% cheaper than our competitors.