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Climate Conscious IT

Earth. We all live here and breathe the air. We all have an impact on the environment. As a business, we focus on our core values of trust, simplicity and respect. Respect extends beyond our employees and customers into our local community and the environment. We understand that business has a powerful role to play in reducing climate impact and helping community projects. That’s why we offset twice as much carbon as we emit from our business operations.

The good news is that we can now help you offset your workforce’s carbon and help local community projects as part of your ongoing IT Support service!

Nothing is better than reducing carbon emissions to zero, yet the reality is we are all on a journey to neutrality. Whilst we work on that, why not play your part for now and for future generations?

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We’re putting the environment first
Our efforts are creating a lasting local and global impact
We’re creating jobs in communities around the world
We’re giving to charities and those that need help most

The service

What is climate conscious IT?

In short – it’s ‘IT for Good’. You can choose to offset your workforce’s carbon now, plan to offset their carbon in future, or do both for maximum impact. Whichever you choose, you will be helping local community projects and charities to provide much needed support and ‘do good’ for the world.

It’s our award-winning, cyber focussed IT Support service, with the added benefit of the option to offset your workforce’s carbon with official certified carbon credits, managed tree planting, or both. You get to see your impact with your own forest, your carbon offsets and also get invited to participate in relevant local events for our chosen charities and community projects.


Subsidise environmental projects and green power generation through carbon credits. Carbon credits avoid emissions by enabling and accelerating green alternatives to carbon emitting schemes. Offset your workforce’s carbon with certified carbon credits today and for the length of your contract. This one is for those looking to make a difference, now.


Contribute to a tree planting program that is managed, sustainable and designed for long term benefit not short-term impact. Planting the right trees, in the right places, and managing them long term not only enables them to sequester carbon from the atmosphere but also to provide valuable wildlife habitats and environmentally friendly building materials. This option means you keep offsetting carbon long after the end of your contract. This one is for the planners; the long term thinkers.


As the name suggests, if you want maximum impact, simply combine the Immediate and Lasting plans to start offsetting your workforce’s carbon now, and maximise the long-term benefits for the planet. This is the one for those who want to do maximum good.

Calculate your offsets

How much carbon can you offset through climate conscious it?

Our calculator will show you how much carbon you’ll be offsetting by signing up to one of our Climate Conscious IT plans. Calculations are estimates based on information from peer reviewed scientific studies provided by our partners.

The key piece of information here: the average person in the UK contributes 9,080kg per year of carbon.

Note: All emission data that support these calculations have been provided by our partners from scientific studies that have been peer reviewed and submitted to scientific publications. Estimates are based on current pricing for carbon credits and tree planting, as of April 2022.

Our own efforts

Optimising our 'green' it

We make concerted efforts to further our own green credentials by offsetting our entire workforce’s carbon each and every month. 

To plant our own trees and obtain carbon credits, we’ve partnered with Ecologi. 

About the service

How Climate COnscious IT works

Planting trees

Contributes towards long term reforestation projects in areas that need them most.

Increasing awareness

Raises awareness amongst other businesses and your employees. It’s also a great thing to talk to your customers about and helps you help the environment and the wider community.

Helping workforces

Provides jobs to local communities who plant trees and manage them.

Helping charities

Enables us to help our chosen charities and local benefit schemes more than we do already.


It’s revitalising lost habitats, and helping the wildlife in those regions.

Responsible technology

If you are a customer of ours, we’ll also help reduce the impact of your equipment lifecycle and associated emissions. From Carbon Neutral Laptops and IT equipment at point of purchase to environmentally sound WEEE recycling, you can sleep with a clear environmental conscience.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Climate Conscious IT

Yes, it would be better. However, to do that effectively you would need ensure your entire business operations, and all your suppliers, were net zero – ie producing no CO2e across all of the different emissions categories. In the real world, we currently have a set of imperfect choices, but inaction is not an option. In the future, we’ll be able to hit net zero. Right now, lets start with carbon neutral and build from there.
Yes! This is a genuine scheme, designed to help climate conscious organisations offset their CO2e emissions. This is a new scheme – and we are always improving and adding to it. In future we hope to be able to offer more solutions to reduce emissions at source from your IT. In fact, talk to us now if you want to look at how to stop emissions at source for your web hosting: we can help!
Great question. One of our stated environmental goals is to become Carbon Negative. That means we want to remove more CO2e from the atmosphere than we are responsible for emitting. We have made an epic start to this, and use Climate Conscious IT ourselves to help get us there! In time we want to be a net zero organisation – and we are actively looking at all areas of our business to achieve this, from switching our toilet roll to electric vehicles and everything in between. Keep checking this page to see how we are doing!