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Finding your way through the vast array of options for hardware and software to choose the right products for your business can be daunting — and once you’ve decided what to purchase, managing multiple suppliers for quotes and negotiating prices is time-consuming.

As part of our managed IT service solutions, Optimising IT has solid partnerships with several suppliers so that we can access the most appropriate products for your business. We can deliver them quickly and at competitive prices due to our established buying power and supplier relationships. Our supplier management experience allows us to take the stress out of purchasing for your business, reducing your administration and keeping it simple.

We only recommend what is suitable for your business, aligned with your goals and budget — and when it comes to building your machines, we will implement the optimal set-up for your business.

If you’re unsure precisely what your business needs are and want to be confident you’re getting the best value for your investment, we can make recommendations based on experience.

We also install and support a wide range of products and services. Remaining independent means we can always offer the best-of-breed managed IT solutions, selected to meet your business’ needs.

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About our managed IT procurement

As an independent and growing business ourselves, we understand the challenges of IT procurement. Every business needs a unique approach that works for them and is suitable for their industry. We have a team of expert IT professionals who have a wealth of experience covering a wide range of business types and industries.

Our approach to procurement management allows you to have control over spend, timeframe and project delivery. At Optimising IT, we see our client relationships as collaborations and partnerships, not transactions.

We help your business foster innovation and advancements through our expert knowledge, helping you scale your business and become a leader within your industry.

Our IT procurement service covers a wide range of procurement services aligned to your specific requirements and business goals. You tell us where you need to be, and we will ensure you have the hardware, software and tools required to achieve that vision.

We can cover everything from Sourcing and eSourcing to analytics and technology implementation. We work closely with your team to ensure everything we deliver benefits through people, technology and expertise.
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About the service

How we approach managed IT procurement

We have years of experience sourcing appropriate hardware and software for our clients.


Hardware and software should enable your business to speed up its operations and increase capability. Our team can help implement and manage both, making your business quicker, more efficient, and organised while improving your bottom line.


We can give your business access to the latest and greatest software developments to stay ahead of the competition through our partnerships with software giants. Our team is always looking for ways to improve our client’s operations through software updates and acquisition.


We understand that transitions to new technology and software with frequent updates disrupts business and lowers staff morale. That’s why we only recommend the updates that we feel are imperative for your business to thrive. Once agreed, we assign a transition team who will plan out the project delivery to keep transition times and disruption to an absolute minimum.


FAQ: Managed IT procurement

We can act as a one-stop shop for all of your IT procurement needs. Do you need a laptop, cable, mouse or a hundred new wi-fi access points for that event you are putting on or the new theatre? We can help. We have partnerships with multiple tier-one vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft and Fortigate, and access a wide array of equipment and software via our distribution partners.

You can, but why would you want to? Let us take care of your requirements, handle suppliers, warranties, delivery and setup.

In theory, yes. In reality, we supply a set of vetted and supportable items we know you’ll love. If you need something specific or customised, we can do that too — but that takes a little longer and is likely to cost a little more.

We can! We will need to work out how much of something you want to source and what it is. Sometimes we may just refer you directly to a partner if we cannot help.