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Business Software Consulting Services

Every business uses software in some shape or form. Software makes business life easier, more effective and increases revenue. But are you maximising the benefit of your business software?

Our business software consulting services can transform the way your business utilises its IT systems.

  • Find the best software for your business and empower your brand
  • Identify where software is slowing your business down
  • Tune-up your current IT systems and optimise your technology to succeed.
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Enhance Business

Enhance Your Business Potential with Optimising IT

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Business software — plus the data it produces and maintains — is one of your company’s most valuable assets. By choosing the right software and operating it in the right way, you can take advantage of some of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Together, we’ll work to optimise your business potential through software. Our software consultancy service focuses on designing a complete package and toolset that enhances the way you work.

Stramlines Business Processes

Business Software Consultancy Streamlines Your Business Processes

Understanding how your current software solutions work is essential for getting the most out of them. Modern businesses tend to underutilise their software tools and over-complicate their processes as a result, adding more and more applications they don’t really need.

Do you have many separate systems operating in isolation? You’ll often find there can be duplication and a lack of overall visibility of your data and IT procedures. Business software consultancy from Optimising IT can help to eliminate such redundant working practices.

We’ll make sure your systems and processes are working in harmony to avoid wasted time, energy and profit.

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What Includes

What Our Business Software Consulting Includes

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During an Optimising IT business software consultancy, one of our qualified and certified experts will visit your premises or access your remote systems to gain a full understanding of your software applications.

We’ll carry out a comprehensive and in-depth audit of all your software, including locally based solutions and cloud software. The purpose of our business software audit is to:

  • Map out your data flow and software application process
  • Evaluate and analyse how software is being used within your business
  • Consider the impact your software has on business process and data management
  • Look at which software systems are working well for you and which can be improved
  • Discover whether there are software tools missing from your toolset.

Our business software consultancy also includes evaluation of due diligence around security, looking for any lapses in software and potential vulnerabilities that could pose a threat to your company.

Discover Best Software

Discover the Best Software for Your Business and How to Use It

Optimising IT business software consulting services will give you a clear picture of how you can evolve your IT systems to better take advantage of data, reduce inefficiencies and incorporate new tools that will boost performance. We’ll provide a detailed software roadmap, with recommendations and guidance on your next steps. Our roadmap includes:


  • How to use the software you have to enhance results
  • Which software you can add to your business to optimise your workplace
  • Where your current systems are letting you down and how to fix them.
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Our Software Consultants

Who Are Our Business Software Consultants?

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The team behind Optimising IT have a combined experience of over 100 years in IT consultancy and software optimisation. Our experts are highly qualified, expertly trained and offer industry-leading guidance to small businesses across the UK.

We guarantee your dedicated business software consultant will have the skills and insight required to optimise your business software and improve the way your company operates.

Taking Consultants Further

Taking Your Business Software Consultancy Further

As a leading IT consulting company, we can also provide business intelligence consultancy on how to dive deeper into the data your software produces and ways to procure more information, as well as bespoke software integrations to help all your separate software structures unite to form one cohesive, centralised and simplified system.


FAQs: Learn More About Our Business Software

Do you recommend particular software platforms as a matter of course?

We always take the time to understand your organisation, how it operates and consider your requirements before recommending an approach.

Once requirements are determined, we’ll then match your needs to a suitable software platform.

What is the best piece of business software you know about?

It depends — what business challenge are you trying to resolve? If we look at pretty much any business, at the core, you will have customers. Beyond customers, you will provide some product or service (or a combination of the two). This could be over a long-term contract, for short periods or via just repeat business on products if you sell a lot of consumables, like a supermarket or an online shop that sells construction materials, like nails and plumbing parts.

So with that in mind, many organisations will want to carry out the following types of activity:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Stock management
  • Ordering
  • Billing
  • Customer queries
  • Time reporting
  • Project management
  • Business reporting
  • Finance
  • Operations (manufacturing, fleet management, call centre).

Now, fulfilling the above operational requirements would be difficult at best using a single piece of software. It is possible, however, to use just a few pieces of specific software in most organisations.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, so in many instances, we’ll look to the Microsoft 365 cloud, including the power platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ERP, CRM, stock management, marketing, sales business reporting and operations management. For finance, Xero is our go-to recommendation.

Do you have anyone who understands finance and business software?

Yes! Our business software consultants used to work in business before becoming consultants and have real-world accountancy, operations and marketing experience!

Can I backup other cloud services, like Dropbox or Google Workspace?


Do you need access to my IT systems?
We don’t need access to your IT systems to conduct the free review. Why? The most important aspect of your IT and Cyber approach isn’t technology – it’s you. Your business plan, operating approach and desired outcomes help to shape the technology roadmap – the technology shouldn’t dictate the approach – but support it.

If you opt for our in depth IT or Cyber review, then we’ll need access to systems and additional personnel in order to provide detailed results and outputs.