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Cloud Backup Services and Data Recovery for Businesses

Discover secure, safe and reliable cloud backup services that protect your data should disaster strike! As part of our backup and recovery solutions within cloud services, we offer:

  • Fully managed cloud backup services
  • Suitable for both virtual and local systems
  • Achieve peace of mind with true data security
  • Easily recover all your lost data.

Don’t risk losing your valuable digital data assets. Optimising IT offers cost-effective disaster recovery.

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Do I Need Cloud Backup Services?

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Digital assets carry a high price tag.

Even small instances of lost data can cost your business a fortune.

US-tech giant Verizon reported that just 100 lost records could cost a business over £12,000.

Cloud backup services help protect your business from data loss.

Worried about:


Building Damage?


Hardware Failure?


Building Damage?






Data Theft and Destruction?

Online backups prevent data from being truly lost.

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Why Backup Your Data with Optimising IT?

The award-winning Optimising IT team consists of only highly qualified and certified experts with years of industry experience. Our cloud backup services promise comprehensive and thorough data storage solutions that leave no stones unturned.

If you’re looking for accredited specialists who always provide both high standards of data security and excellent customer care services, then we’re ready to help you. Our fully managed online backup services give you the peace of mind and confidence you need.

Forget about the technical jargon.
Forget about figuring out which service is best for you.
Forget about making backup schedules and sticking to them.

Let us do the hard work for you.

How We Work

How Do Our Cloud Backup Services Work?

Our experts visit your premises — or access your virtual systems if you’re a remote business — and painstakingly identify all your important data. We’ll then backup your data to our cloud services.

Backup Local Data

We’ll take your local and physical data stored on in-house servers and hardware and save it to the cloud. Protect your data from both cyber attacks and physical damage like floods and fires.

Backup Your Online Data

Did you know, Microsoft doesn’t backup your data? Add an extra level of security to your online data, such as Microsoft 365 documents and emails, by backing it up to secure and reliable cloud-based data centres and servers.

Data backed up in the cloud is secured and archived on specialist services devoted to advanced data storage. These services are stable, reliable and feature high levels of security.

Your data is in safe hands, stored on state-of-the-art cloud platforms, accessible whenever you need it.


Our Cloud Backup Services

Optimising IT offers multiple options for backing up your data:

Office 365

Office 365 Backup

Backup your sharepoint, teams and OneDrive data to our ISO27001 certified cloud backup platform.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Backup

Backup entire Windows-based systems, including local software.

Backup, recover and replicate your data with Optimising IT.

Our backup systems include automation, ensuring you can achieve regular and timely backup schedules that keep your backup archives accurate and current.

Bespoke Cloud Backup Solutions for Your UK Business

All our cloud backup services are tailored to fit your business needs.

We’ve worked in many industries, from financial services to automotive, backing up vast quantities of important and valuable data. Every time, we’ve taken the care and attention required to ensure our customer’s unique backup service covers all of their data requirements.

Our experienced team will design appropriately sized and scalable solutions for your business, delivering the capability you need to meet your data security and stability demands.

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Backup Your Data

Backup Your Data with Optimising IT

Don’t leave data stability and security to chance.
Don’t risk the massive costs of losing your most valuable digital assets.
Secure your data with Optimising IT’s cloud backup service.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your data backup requirements.
Discover how we can help you safeguard your business’s future.


FAQs: Learn More About Our FREE IT Reviews for Businesses

What is a cloud backup and recovery service?

You may be surprised to know that given how massively scalable and resilient the cloud is, it’s not infallible. There have been some high-profile incidents where cloud providers, including Google, have lost data.
To protect against such events, cloud backup services are essential. They allow you to make a copy of your data to another storage location or cloud provider at a given point in time.

How can I backup Office 365?

Our cloud backup service platform will backup your office 365 user data on at least a daily basis and keep unlimited restore points. This means that you can go back in time to the very first backup and restore your data.

Can I backup my cloud servers?

Absolutely. We use a different suite of software for server backups, but we can backup your servers in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Can I backup other cloud services, like Dropbox or Google Workspace?