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Cyber security

Cyber security audit and risk assessment

At Optimising IT, our cyber security audit services are designed to give you peace of mind.

  • Concerned about potential data breaches?
  • Worried about cyber threats and hackers?
  • Not convinced your system is up to the job?

We can help.

Discover our comprehensive cyber security review. Based on ISO27001 principles, our service covers all the essentials.

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The service

ABout our cyber security audits, and how they protect your business

Cyber security audits identify risk factors and plug holes. Cyber attacks cost the UK economy billions each year. You could be looking at repair and recovery costs that range into the tens of thousands. With Optimising IT services, you can learn where your cyber security problems are and eliminate them.

Take proactive cyber security action. Prevent reactive business costs.

But, there’s more. Negligence is an important factor in data security compliance. There is a big difference between an organisation that is hacked after putting in place all the right measures and an organisation that is hacked because it’s been ignorant of risk and negligent with consumer data.

Protect your reputation from being tarnished and your revenue from being penalised by demonstrating that you’ve done everything in your power to keep your system secure.

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About the service

What do different types of cyber security audit mean?

You know you need to do something about cyber security, but where do you start?

The first step in any cyber security journey is understanding where you are. What are your risk factors? Once you know where you are, you can take steps to reduce those risks.

Our cyber security audit service provides your organisation with a real-world view of how your current security approach stacks up against industry best practice and where your vulnerabilities are. It also provides key advice about what actions to take to safeguard your business. 

ISO 27001

The ISO27001 is an international standard centred around how to manage and maintain cyber security systems. Compliance with ISO27001 is the gold standard of business IT security and is considered one of the core tenets of meeting GDPR laws. Our cyber security audit helps to align your business with the ISO27001.

  • Increase your resilience to cyber threats
  • Protect and conserve your sensitive data
  • Comply with cyber security regulations.

Cyber essentials

Established by the National Cyber Security Centre, Cyber Essentials help safeguard your organisation against cyber attack. This government-backed scheme presents a checklist of essential security elements known as the foundations of a healthy and secure business IT system.

Optimising IT cyber security audits perform gap analysis based on Cyber Essentials. We’ll evaluate your IT security against government-backed assessment criteria.

  • Discover and fix vulnerabilities
  • Defend against the majority of common cyber attacks
  • Verify your status as a secure business.

The experts

Who will be auditing your cyber security?

All our cyber security audits are run by one of our highly-trained and qualified IT security consultants. With 100 years of combined experience and a diverse range of certifications, you can be safe in the knowledge that our dedicated in-house team has the skills and expertise required to perform a comprehensive and business-empowering cyber security audit.

About the service

About Optimising IT's cyber security audits

The detailed cyber security report provided after your consultation and assessment will include all the necessary instructions you need to take appropriate action. Your technical team can use the document to make all of the required changes. If you would like further assistance implementing our recommended changes, your dedicated IT consultant can discuss any next steps with you.

Cyber risk assessment and review

Your dedicated cyber security expert will spend up to a full day on your business premise, evaluating key areas of your IT systems, including:

  • Security governance
  • Network safety
  • Systems security.

We will perform a vulnerability scan of your internal IT structure to identify any known security issues, such as common configuration issues, missing security updates and more.

Your expert will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and can pay particular attention to any area of cyber security you feel is of serious concern.

We’re here to provide you with the best possible IT support services and cyber security assessments. This is not a one-size-fits-all process, we’ll ensure your security audit is tailored to your business.

Detailed cyber security reports

As part of our cyber security audit, we’ll provide your business with a detailed report outlining all key areas of improvement, as well as a complete list of recommendations and actions required to protect your IT systems.

Your unique cyber security audit report will be presented in a management-friendly format with important information offered in simple and understandable terms. It will also include more technical information for your IT teams and tech staff.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Cyber security audit

If you are looking to review your cyber security approach or need help with cyber security following an incident or a breach of your environment, the cyber security audit is for you. One of our certified and experienced cyber security consultants will assess your current cyber security approach and make recommendations about how to improve it.

Our consultant will work with you to understand the following elements: 

  • Your business context and suppliers
  • Your IT provision (outsourced, internal IT team, etc.)
  • Your IT security capability
  • Your current IT system security configuration
  • The use of cloud and SaaS applications and their security posture
  • Your “digital footprint” (how your organisations looks to potential attackers, including a search of the darkweb for known compromised accounts)
  • An assessment of how well you meet the requirements for Cyber Essentials
  • A review of your Information Security approach, aligned with the ISO 27001 standard.
  • A comprehensive cyber security report with a high-level executive overview and risk table
  • A details section with each area of security reviewed and recommendations for improvement
  • A cyber security roadmap, tailored to your business
  • A Cyber Essentials gap analysis and roadmap to meet the requirements

Depending on your environment, staff locations and devices, we will deploy appropriate tools to your devices to allow us to manage them remotely. Don’t worry — users have complete control over when we access those devices for support, and as an ISO27001-certified business, we take cyber security seriously.

Absolutely not! We often find organisations — large and small — have all of the tools and capabilities needed to effectively reduce Information Security risk. There are times when a change in technology is needed, often to replace elements beyond their intended lifespan or to address a particular security requirement that hasn’t been previously considered, such as staff training or device encryption.

This depends on your organisation and how it operates. We can carry out an effective review remotely, but sometimes, it is better to see how things work in person, particularly if you have onsite servers, manufacturing or warehousing facilities. Organisations that operate “in the cloud” likely won’t need an onsite visit to get the most out of the review, but we will need access to IT and systems to conduct a thorough audit.

Penetration tests are designed to evaluate technical (cyber) security when you have best practices in place or to evaluate a particular platform or application (such as a new eCommerce site) before go-live and on an ongoing basis.

We wouldn’t include a penetration test as part of the Cyber Security audit, but we can carry them out subject to an agreed scope. Please see our section on Penetration Testing.