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Cyber security

Fully managed cyber security services

Our fully managed cyber security pledges everything you’ll ever need to safeguard your business from cyber security threats. We take the weight of protecting company data from your shoulders and promise true peace of mind.

  • Brought to you by industry-leading and award-winning cyber security specialists
  • All bases covered, from malware scanning to breach detection
  • Includes regular security reviews and company-wide awareness training.

Worried your cyber security isn’t strong enough to repel hackers or prevent data breaches?

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The service

About our fully managed cyber security services

Managed cyber security is a simple but popular service. Our expert cyber security team acts as your buffer between business and cyber criminals. 

Fully managed really does mean fully managed. We take care of everything as a third-party service contractor and cyber security solutions supplier. Our team becomes your team, working together with your in-house staff to create a complete and comprehensive cyber security suite for your business.

Ready to start your compliance process?

Is managed cyber security worth it?

  • 20% of SMEs have no cyber security in place.
  • 30% of SMEs rely on free cyber security solutions.
  • Most SMEs that do invest spend less than £500.


The average cost of a cyber attack is between £11,000 and £140,000.

60% of businesses who experience a major cyber breach close within six months!

Investment in managed cyber security is an investment in your future. The sky-high cost of cyber attacks means that our service offers genuine value.

With more and more businesses and consumers requiring proof that their suppliers are taking appropriate steps to reduce cyber risk, can you afford not to have Managed Cyber Security?

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About the service

What's included in our managed cyber security services?

Our Cyber 360 service provides the most robust cyber security protection your business could hope to find. 

Managed cyber security means safety and security.

Managed cyber security means working with industry-leading and award-winning experts to shield your business from data breaches and malicious attacks.

Managed cyber security means protecting the future of your company.

Cyber security is becoming more and more critical. Rates of cyber attacks only rise every year, and the consequences of a cyber breach — accidental or intentional — are increasingly severe. You could face huge fines, lost revenue, extensive downtime and even closures.

Business leaders around the world are starting to understand the threats they face. Managed cyber security is the perfect solution for businesses that don’t have the time, skills or internal resources to provide their company with the essential protection it needs. 

It covers all of your essential cyber security areas, including the following elements:

Checks and reviews

  • Introductory Security Review
  • Cyber Essentials, ISO27001 and PCI DSS Compliance Checks and Certification
  • Compliance and Governance
    Risk Review
  • Analysis of Dark Web for Stolen Data & Credentials
  • Regular Technical Fault Testing
  • Network & System Vulnerability Scans
  • Software & Hardware Configuration Checks
  • Annual Cyber Penetration Testing and Reporting
  • Independent Supplier Reviews
  • Cyber Security Supplier Management
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Management services

  • Staff Awareness Training
  • System-wide Technical Security Management
  • Access Control Enhancement with Authentication
  • Managed Governance and Compliance Activities
  • Cyber Breach Detection & Resolution
  • Managed Updates and Software Patching
  • Managed Antivirus & Firewall Services
  • Managed Web-filtering, IPS and Malware Scanning
  • Security Vulnerability Resolutions
    Advanced Email Security & Encryption
  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring and Alerts

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Fully managed cyber security services

It’s the kitchen sink, plus the neighbours’ kitchen sink, plus all of the kitchen sinks at the local DIY shop. Yes, it’s everything we can offer in terms of technical, procedural and operational capability regarding cyber security.

You can. However, cyber security works best when layers of security are managed and work together to reduce overall cyber risk.

We can’t guarantee that any approach will prevent all cyber attacks. However, we can work with you to ensure that our managed cyber security service is highly effective at reducing cyber risk to an acceptable level, which will reduce the likelihood and impact of any Information Security incident.

We’ll work with you to build an appropriate level of managed cyber security for your organisation. We would always recommend the following core elements:

  • Managed anti-virus
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Darkweb monitoring
  • Phishing training and testing
  • Log monitoring and alerting
  • Threat intelligence
  • Regular risk assessment and reporting
  • Cyber Security roadmap
  • Cyber Essentials certification

Of course. We can build a fully customised approach from our standard product and managed cyber security service offerings to enable you to minimise your Information Security risk and focus on your business.