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Cyber Security Training For Businesses & Employees

Over 90% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error. Without proper training, your team can be tricked into divulging sensitive information.

Bespoke Optimising IT cyber security training courses can help avoid cyber security disaster.

  • Build awareness of cyber security threats
  • Educate your staff and management team on how to avoid cyber security breaches
  • Learn how to cope with a potential cyber attack
  • Create a security-focused business culture that protects your data.

Keep your business secure and your employees prepared.

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Cyber Focused Approach

Cyber Focused Approach

Training from experts

Cyber Security Training From Accredited Experts

cyber security training

We live and breathe cyber security. All cyber security training sessions are run by fully qualified and accredited cyber security professionals. Your trainer will have the following:


  • Years of experience in the cyber security industry
  • Certification in information security (CISSP)
  • Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 qualifications
  • The ability to influence change and help implement safer practice within your organisation.


Did You Know?

60% of SMEs that experience a major cyber security breach
will collapse within six months.

Don’t become one of them!

Our Approach

Our Approach to Cyber Security Training

Your business faces an assault on all fronts.

Phishing attack

Phishing attacks attempt to steal your data and customer information


Cyber criminals

Cyber criminals attempt to break into your system with malware


security from hackers

Hackers look for direct channels into your systems to wreak havoc



Employees accidentally give out your data and access to business systems


regulatory compliance

Data regulators are constantly watching for slip-ups and non-compliance



Rules are always changing, and the way you handle security must adapt


Optimising IT look at the bigger picture of cyber security.

Our approach is all about getting you ready for whatever cyber security threat you may face.
Our top-down training covers you against all facets of cyber security attack and data loss.


Bespoke & Custom-Designed Cyber Security Training

We tailor all our cyber security training and awareness courses to your business. Our bespoke training delivers only the most relevant and up-to-date content suitable for your company objectives and requirements. We’ll focus on the cyber threats and risk factors that your business and industry are facing.

Before your cyber security training session, one of our expert trainers will contact your business to discuss exactly how we can help you achieve your cyber security goals.

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Cyber Security Training: What to Expect

We offer two half-day cyber security workshop
training course packages:

Cyber Security Training For Leaders & Management

Drive cyber security prevention from the top.
Many problems with your cyber prevention strategy will come from managerial attitudes and actions. Your employees can’t protect your systems if their superiors don’t offer them the appropriate tools and techniques to do so.

Join us for our practical cyber workshop designed for business leaders and management, where you’ll learn about how to approach cyber in the right way.

Cyber Security Training For Employees and Staff Members

Suitable for organisations of all sizes, our cyber awareness training workshop for employees delivers expertly crafted cyber security insight that can be understood by anyone. Our training is designed to be informative and engaging to reinforce learning.

Our training covers why hackers target businesses, their methods, and how we can alter our behaviours to combat cyber security risks.

Achieve Certificate

What’s Included in Our Cyber Security Training?

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Our workshops will cover the following:


  • An Introduction to Cyber & Cyber Security
  • Which Cyber Security Threats Exist
  • Real-world Cyber Security Examples
  • The Consequences of Poor Cyber Security
  • The Basics of Great Cyber Security Practice
  • An In-Depth Look at Modern Phishing Attacks
  • How to Safely Use Email to Share Data
  • Cyber Attack Prevention and Preparation
  • How Hackers Use Information to Target You
  • How to Be Savvy and Safe on Social Media

We’ll also get hands-on with your team, including:

know how the hacker thinks

Into the Mind of a Hacker

This activity helps your employees understand how hackers work, what motivates them and how to counteract their cyber attacks.

gather data about cyber attacks

Information Gathering Demo

We’ll use basic techniques to gather information on your team, showing them just how easy it is to get together enough information to pull off a sneaky cyber trick.


Question & Answer Session

Your team will have ample opportunity to ask our experts anything they need to, from burning cyber security questions to queries about the training itself.

Learn More

Learn More About Our Training

Download our free cyber training summary document for
more insight into what happens on your cyber security training day.

More than Training

More Than Just Cyber Security Training

Take one step further towards a secure business. Our cyber security training is about more than just education and insight. We’ll examine your current cyber security strategy and what you can do to improve it. Together, we’ll look at how our cyber security training allows for new measures that you can implement to defend against data breaches, malware attacks and network intruders.


What People Say About Our Training

We’re proud to offer cyber security training courses that engage and encourage business teams to get involved.
Our feedback speaks for itself:

“Very insightful, enjoyable, and valuable. Very much enjoyed it.”
“Very knowledgeable, made the session fun and engaging.”
“Really engaging and we enjoyed the exercise.”

So what do our previous business service clients have to say?

Why It is Important

Why Is Cyber Security Training So Important?

Businesses may spend thousands on the best cyber security software money can buy, but that means nothing if your staff aren’t properly trained to avoid cyber threats.

Your employees hold your passwords, handle your data, share information and manage your security day-to-day. You may have built a maximum-strength cyber security fortress, but they hold the keys to the castle, and they can let anyone in.

Get Provocative

Get Provocative About Cyber Security

Cyber security training helps your business take back control of its data protection. Don’t act too late. Take proactive measures now to protect your computer networks and systems.

With cyber security training from Optimising IT, your team will learn to understand the threats your business is up against and how they can take the right actions to protect themselves and your company.

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Got a Question About Cyber Security Training?


FAQs: Learn More About Our FREE IT Reviews for Businesses

Why do I need cyber security training?

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are on the rise and that if you get hit with ransomware, the effects can be devastating. But did you know that over 90% of all cyber attacks happen because an employee clicks on a link in an email and either fills in their login details or downloads the ransomware directly? How can this happen?

It’s called phishing — a social engineering technique that can trick your staff into carrying out a seemingly harmless activity that results in your organisation suffering a breach.

How does cyber security training combat phishing?

A combination of the appropriate technical controls on your email — which prevent phishing emails from making it through to your team — and educational tools for your staff that help them watch out for and spot phishing attempts will help combat phishing.

Can you deliver an in-person cyber security training session?

Yes! Groups of up to 20 employees at a time work well for our in-person cyber security training sessions.

Can you deliver cyber security training remotely?

Yes, we can conduct cyber security training sessions via Microsoft Teams.

Can you tailor cyber security training to suit us?

Yes, we can! We would need to work out what you wanted to cover and develop the cyber security training material to suit your needs.

How is your cyber security training priced?

We typically price our training sessions based on the number of attendees but can also offer “day rates” for larger engagements.

Do you offer any “stock” cyber security training that we can use?

Yes! We offer a combined training, phishing testing and dark web monitoring solution for a low fixed monthly fee. This is ideal for organisations that carry a lot of sensitive data in the healthcare, financial services and data and marketing industries.

Can you provide a C-level executive to brief our board?

Yes, we can. Our most senior consultants operate at C-level regularly and brief your board about the key cyber risks and how to combat them.

Can I combine the different cyber training services you offer?

Absolutely. We often find that organisations that haven’t previously carried out any form of cyber security awareness training benefit most from an in-person or “live” training session, followed by regular phishing testing and awareness follow-ups with our video-based content.