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Cyber security compliance certification for businesses

As cyber attack figures continue to rise, data protection has never been more important. You need to keep information safe. Many businesses won’t allow you to be part of their supply chain without assurances that you’re taking care of customer data.

Our cyber security compliance certification services promise you the ability to:

  • Illustrate your cyber security competency.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your cyber security program.
  • Attract more business, win contract tenders and satisfy legal demands.
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About our cyber security compliance services

Having great cyber security is not always enough.

If you’re applying for a contract tender, you might be asked about your cyber security. Without a cyber security compliance certification, businesses will have to either take your word for it or spend money auditing your cyber security and this may put some potential clients off.

Cyber security compliance certification shows your ability to meet legal requirements of data protection and IT governance. This means that businesses don’t have to take your word for it or do their own checks — your cyber security compliance certification speaks for itself.

The benefits of obtaining cyber security compliance certification include:

  • Showing your value to supply chains and your ethics as a contractor.
  • Building better working relationships with partners and buyers.
  • Ensuring that your cyber security is as good as you think it is. 
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About the service


Cyber security compliance is an internal set of regulations, processes, controls and safeguards designed to ensure best practices are utilised within cyber security and data protection measures. Through cyber security compliance certification activity, your business can demonstrate its ability to meet the legal criteria set forward by IT governance and legal policy.

Without the jargon: 

Cyber security compliance helps you manage your security and comply with your legal obligations as a business that handles customer data. Being certified allows you to show others that you are committed to best practices.

At Optimising IT, we offer three valuable methods of cyber security compliance: 


Backed by the British government, this certification demonstrates that you have put in place the fundamental cyber security measures necessary to help prevent cyber attacks.


Cyber Essentials Plus offers a more comprehensive version of the government-backed Cyber Essentials certification, covering technical security areas in greater detail.


ISO 27001 is the gold standard of cyber security compliance as recognised by international organisations and public offices across the globe. ISO 27001 certification shows that your business is compliant with the most stringent of cyber security regulations.



Looking to secure more contract tenders?
Need to demonstrate your cyber security competencies?
Eager to show customers and clients you’re taking care of their data?
Want to double-check that you are securing your data to the highest of standards?

Cyber security compliance certification is exactly what you need.

Work with expert cyber security consultants who can help you achieve industry-leading certification.

About the service

A five step roadmap to achieving cyber security compliance certification

Our cyber security compliance protocol follows a bullet-proof five-step plan.

We follow our roadmap to the letter, ensuring you achieve the highest standards of cyber security compliance. 


The journey to compliance begins with an audit, looking at your current cyber security practice.


Our cyber security audit will tell us what risks you may be vulnerable to and where your weaknesses are.


If we discover any vulnerabilities in your cyber security, we’ll make a plan to resolve them.


With cyber security weaknesses addressed, we’ll return to our audit process and verify that the new security measures work and you’re meeting compliance regulations.


Following your comprehensive risk assessment, upgrades to security and compliance verification, we can award you with your compliance certification.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Free IT compliance reviews

We offer compliance services and gap analysis for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001.

We can provide both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification services via our certification platform.


Yes, we can. We have ISO27001 Lead Auditor-certified consultants who can carry out internal audit checks on your ISMS according to your audit plan. We can also build a bespoke audit plan for your organisation.

To become ISO27001-certified as an organisation, you need to use a UKAS registered certification body. We can help you prepare for and attain certification with our cyber security consultancy services.