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Your data can be your most valuable asset, but are you making the most of it? We often see how it is underutilised and how regularly it’s simply ignored. So we wanted to change all that.

There are vast amounts of data in your organisation that can offer important insights into your financial and operational performance. Usually, this data sits within disparate departments and systems, making it difficult to access and leverage properly.

Our Microsoft Power BI consulting services help you take complete control of your data. Working with Optimising IT, you can:

  • Dive deep into your data to gain a more profound understanding of your business and your customers.
  • Maximise Power BI’s self-serve analytics platform.
  • Use your data to make better and more informed decisions.
  • Discover the data that you are missing.

As an experienced Power BI consulting business, Optimising IT can help you use Power BI to extract powerful business insights from your IT network of software and applications.

We’ll then present this data through our consultancy and help you analyse it to get under the skin of your business and identify meaningful insights to save money, time and increase your revenue.

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About our Power BI business intelligence reporting

As a leading IT consulting company, we’ll use our Power BI dashboard to help drive your business forward, harnessing the untapped power of data.

Using Power BI, you can: 

  • Monitor general activity, review performance and identify key areas for improvement
  • Gain a holistic overview of financial data and forecasts
  • Efficiently utilise resources and drive operational performance
  • Obtain valuable trends insights from a wide set of data
  • Gage customer satisfaction to maintain high levels of customer service.

These are just some of the ways in which our powerful business intelligence software and consultancy service can help you. The only way to know exactly what incredible nuggets of data are hidden within your business is to connect our Power BI tool and analyse the results.

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About the service

How our business intelligence reporting works

Your data could be worth millions to you, and you may not have even realised it.

Businesses and their software are constantly harvesting information, yet so often, this data is ignored or misunderstood. Many companies don’t even know they have this valuable data — data they can leverage to develop their business.

Data can benefit you in so many ways. Our Power BI consulting solutions could help you with: 

Understanding Your Customers

Business Insights from Power BI shed light on how customers interact with your business. From initial contact to perception of service, you can use data to build a better understanding of your customer and create a more appealing business to increase conversions.

Continuous Improvement

Data can highlight weaknesses in your workflow, such as bottlenecks, inefficiencies and time sinks, allowing you to identify where you’re losing money. Power BI insights help you take steps like investment, training or other improvements to make your business more profitable.

Success Measurement

Our Power BI consulting services give you a complete overview of your business’s performance, from financials and sales to operations and resource utilisation. This kind of data can be used to attract new business, gain investment, increase buyer confidence and more.

Decision Making

Data analysis provides structured and accurate insight into your business. Power BI consulting will remove all guesswork when it comes to making choices. Data empowers your business, allowing you to make smart and informed decisions to shape your future.

Identifying Trends

Data tracking on Power BI can help your business build a bigger picture of buyer trends and consumer interest. Not only does this allow you to focus your efforts on the most profitable aspects of your business as well as creating forecasts for future trends, but this data also creates a warning system to avoid wasting resources on areas that are not currently of interest to your consumers.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Business intelligence reporting

As the old phrase goes, if you can’t measure it, you can’t measure it. Business intelligence reporting enables you to see trends and information to better manage your organisation and make informed decisions.

There are hundreds of use cases, but here are some common ones we often help our customers with:
  • Sales reporting
  • Billing and trends
  • Service reporting
  • Quality reporting
  • Manufacturing
  • Machine performance
  • Staff performance
  • Wages
  • Financial reporting.

We work with you to develop a model for the desired business function(s) and multiple reports and spreadsheets can use this information to deliver consistent insights and metrics to the wider business all from a single source.

You do need a compatible Microsoft 365 license to view Power BI reports. However, these are very cost-effective, considering PowerBI is the leading business reporting platform.

No problem at all; it just means there is potentially more effort required to bring the sources together and aggregate data (if required) to deliver the best value from your data. Your data does need to be consistent and have an appropriate common key for us to match against over time.