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Mobile working for businesses on the move

Optimising IT’s Managing Director, Gary Smith, was asked to contribute his thoughts to a feature on working “On The Move” in the current edition of South West Business Insider magazine.

One of the key challenges of mobile working is maintaining effective collaboration across a range of locations and devices, and Gary talked about our experience enabling true mobility for the Ridgeway Group, and how we helped them take advantage of the features offered by Office 365. The original issue that got us engaged with Ridgeway was the failing performance of its existing IT infrastructure across 28 sites. The number of devices on its network climbed from 800 desktops to more than 2,000 connecting devices, as smartphones and tablets proliferated.

It meant the email server was performing badly, and it precipitated a discussion about whether to embrace a new hosted solution incorporating Office 365, in order to reap the benefit of a scalable and elastic infrastructure and enable true mobility.

Gary Smith, Managing Director

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