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With news of the Marshall Group acquiring Ridgeway this month, we started thinking about how Ridgeway’s IT has been a factor in their “Good to Great” initiative. When we first started working with Ridgeway, they had gone through a period of growth and were feeling the pain that this can bring: disparate systems, multiple technical environments and a server infrastructure struggling to keep pace with the business.

In the nearly 3 years we have been working with Ridgeway, we have made some really impactful changes, two of the key changes were to migrate their email to Office 365, giving the speed and resilience of the cloud and removing the need for an over-burdened on-site email server. Following this, we implemented a flexible, resilient end to end cloud managed network including site to site connections, local networking and a seamless single WiFi environment with enterprise encryption levels. There have been many more initiatives over the 3 years all raising the standard, ease of use, security and resilience of their overall IT solution … you could say we’ve been ‘Optimising IT’ (sorry)!

One of the other key things that helped Optimising IT make a difference, was the similarity in our customer service ethos, meaning our focus and Ridgeway’s was aligned from day one. Ridgeway employ quality staff and invest in them, and a large part of this is removing the day to day IT frustrations that can cost valuable time.

Enabling their staff to contact a central Service Desk for any issue, from printing to email and even 3rd party manufacturer systems means that with one call, issues are well on the way to being resolved and they can get on with their day.

With our clear understanding of the challenges surrounding growth and acquisition, the team at Optimising IT are looking forward to working with Marshall Group to ensure a continued seamless service.

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