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Optimising IT’s unique Service Desk model

What sets our Service Desk above the rest?

Our highly skilled Service Desk heroes know a thing or two about teamwork. Our unique Service Desk model ensures all support requests go straight to highly trained 2nd and 3rd line technicians, purposefully split into ‘Reactive’ and ‘Proactive’ teams to deal with incoming support requests in the most efficient way. Our Reactive team rapidly resolves incidents and issues, while our uninterrupted Proactive team can focus on actioning service requests to drive end user productivity to continually improve the service we provide to our customers.

With a front loaded, intelligent Service Desk model, staff can contact us by email or telephone, safe in the knowledge that our experienced 2nd and 3rd level team will manage any incidents through to resolution, all the while keeping them informed of progress. Resulting in minimal staff downtime and frustration, and an above average First Contact Resolution (FCR) of 78%.

Discover how we’re supporting nGAGE; reducing IT tickets from 2.8 to less than 1.2 per user per month within the first 6 months, and increasing FCR from 58% to an impressive 85% in the first month.

Standard Service Desk Models

All too often, traditional, linear Service Desk models can lead to poor communication, longer waiting times, low first contact resolution and ultimately frustrated staff. This is attributed to a lack of expertise at first contact (often in-experienced first line support), coupled with shared incoming incident and service requests, which can only lead to slower response times, escalation to more experienced technicians and interrupted ‘fire-fighting’ support. The overall impact, is a lower FCR and a frustrated, un-productive workforce through no fault of their own.

Find out more about our unique Service Desk offering and Managed IT Services, or get in touch to find out how you can make a positive change to your business. Call us on 0330 403 0011.

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Climate Conscious IT

In short – it’s ‘IT for Good’. You can choose to offset your workforce’s carbon now, plan to offset their carbon in future, or do both for maximum impact.

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