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Overcome business challenges with Microsoft Teams

– Quantifiable business benefits

A Forrester study into ‘The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams’ has revealed that by empowering employees with Microsoft Teams, businesses will notice a reduction in costs associated with collaboration, speed up decision making and provide a professional customer and employee experience.

The Forrester study also revealed how Microsoft Teams can help to overcome these top 4 business challenges:

Business Challenge 1: Collaboration across multiple locations and different time zones to be a big challenge to overcome to help support growth

Microsoft Teams helps to overcome this hurdle by increasing the level of collaboration between teammates. Documents and presentations can be shared effortlessly over video calls. Individuals can also co-author and edit documents in real-time alongside fellow team members. Further collaboration within designated workspaces can allow teams to set up different groups to reference the latest update in the conversation without the need for a single email to be sent. Team calls are also reliable and of very high quality, meaning employees spend less time addressing setup and call-quality issues, freeing them up to run calls on time and more professionally.
Find out more about Team’s collaboration features here.

Business Challenge 2: Enabling mobile employees to be more productive and better connected

Many of the reasons above apply to enabling remote employees to be better connected but it’s also important to include Teams video conferencing / video calls in its extensive list of features. Video conferencing allows users to screen share and collaborate on presentations and documents during a call. The chat function also allows individuals to have one-to-one conversations, collaborative team chats while seamlessly accessing documents and safely storing and sharing files with the team. You can also search Teams to find people, files, and chats to gain the information you need promptly. With Teams being accessible across different devices including smartphones, desktops, browsers, tablets, and laptops, it’s a mobile tool for those employees who are on the road or working remotely.

Business Challenge 3: Having integrated collaboration solutions that scale, safeguard information, and ensure compliance

With all your documents and files in one Cloud-based location, this means reduced downtime and less complication, contributing to greater security and compliance – compared to on-premise solutions. From a scalability perspective, it’s easy to add users as and when required. You can also use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Skype for Business including a range of other built-in apps all accessible from one place.
Furthermore, Microsoft Teams boasts increased security protection, with multi-factor authentication and secure guest login while meeting compliance standards of HIPAA BAA, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SSAE 16 SOC 1 and 2 report. Team’s built-in information protection also includes eDisovery, Data Loss Prevention, and legal hold and audit functionality.

Business Challenge 4: Innovating better and faster within an increasingly competitive marketplace

By increasing collaboration and real-time communication and giving individuals and teams access to them in one place, helps increase productivity and collaboration by breaking down team silos that in turn enables innovation and greater agility. By integrating workflows, you can simplify processes and accelerate decision-making, giving your organisation a competitive advantage. A combination of these benefits can also result in transforming company culture, by empowering individuals to involve different departments and providing individuals with access to more resources in the cloud.

Everything you need in one place

Microsoft Teams incorporates everything a team needs to make faster, more informed decisions – with an array of features including group chats, meetings, calling, and Office 365 apps – in one secure tool. Discover more of Microsoft Team’s business benefits.

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