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How to Solve Common IT Issues

Is your business’ IT system slowing down?

When operating in a competitive, fast-paced and demanding industry, you’re always looking for that extra boost to give you an edge. The pressure of keeping one step ahead of the competition is very real, and failure to do so can mean the difference between success and defeat.

An optimised IT setup can be one of those business processes that, if done right, can enhance your performance and help you edge out the competition. Mishandled, though, your slow and poorly managed systems can drag you down, allowing others to take the lead in your market.


The 5 Common IT Issues Facing Your Business


Based on our experience of over 100 years of combined senior IT management work, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 common IT issues facing businesses right now. We’ll also look at how you can solve these common IT issues and ensure you’re not letting your competition get ahead of you.


The Top 5 Common IT Issues Taking Away Your Business Edge: 


  • A high number of incomplete and unmanaged IT support tickets because resolution rates are slow.
  • Your IT team is constantly “fighting fires” and maintaining current systems rather than helping you grow.
  • You have a high rate of IT staff turnover, which means valuable IT knowledge is leaving your business. And the knowledge you do have is not getting a chance to mature and develop.
  • You’re likely paying higher salaries for your service and support staff based centrally in city office locations, absorbing a budget that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • There is no root cause analysis being conducted when errors occur, resulting in the same incidents swamping your internal IT team again and again.


Solving Your Common IT Problems


Identifying common IT problems is only helpful if we can offer solutions to help your business resolve them.

Fortunately, we can.

Investing in managed IT services is the best way to take the pressure off your internal team and ensure your business has the IT resources it needs to grow, develop and succeed. These services allow businesses to drive up efficiencies and decrease costs.


Managing Incomplete Tickets

  • Managed IT can resolve support tickets at first contact on an outsourced basis through a highly trained service desk technical support team. This decreases downtime and keeps your staff happy and productive. Managed IT can provide a higher service quality than typical service desk outsourcing. This is due to the level of skilled engineers available for calls and resolution requests.

Giving Your Internal Staff Time to Improve

  • Managed IT services relieve your time-strapped internal IT team using a co-sourcing model. Service providers — like us here at Optimising IT — embed their highly skilled team within your department, allowing them to work with your in-house staff as one cohesive unit, like an extension of your team. You can free up your team to deliver IT projects that keep your business forging ahead by taking some of the heat off your internal resources. Managed IT can also help with project delivery. Outsourced IT project management teams provide the technical expertise required to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption.

Maintaining Access to Value IT Insight and Knowledge

  • Always have access to the expertise you need to make important IT management decisions. Managed IT support teams offer highly qualified technical support. You never have to worry about valuable IT knowledge leaving your business.

Paying Too Much for Support Staff

  • Managed IT services can provide an overall lower Service Desk overhead. You can reduce your support management expenses and optimise your IT spend.

Rooting out the Cause of Your IT Problems

  • Drive workplace efficiency by closely monitoring your IT services. Managed IT can put an emphasis on identifying recurring technical incidents and errors. It will put a stop to them by using reactive solutions and proactive changes that prevent further problems. Through this strategy, you can see real business savings. Instead of regular downtime and repeat IT support costs, you can solve your problems at the source and improve IT system performance.


Stamp Out Common IT Problems With Optimising IT


Optimising IT provides award-winning managed IT services and IT consultancy purpose-built to support your business needs and help you enhance work performance. If you’re struggling with these common IT issues or any other IT problems slowing your progress down, then get in touch today to talk to us about how we can work together.

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