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The Dangers of Cheap Data Backup Solutions for Businesses

A cheap data backup solution can jeopardise your business, your vendors, and your sensitive data. Managed backup services could help you keep your precious data safe. Though, if you’re thinking about cheaping out on a UK cloud backup service, think again. Cloud-managed services are plentiful, but not all are created equal. Choosing one over the other due to prohibitive costs can cost you even more in the long run. Learn how cheap local and cloud-based backups can put your business in danger. 

Insecure Storage Technology

Cheap managed backup services often use a physical storage method like tape drives. Due to the physical nature of this storage method, your data is prone to failure and other vulnerabilities associated with physical storage. Think of lost items, water damage, or fire damage. If a disaster or a messy move were to occur, there is a high probability that your data could get lost. This is why a UK cloud backup service is ideal vs a cheaper, physical solution. 

Data Restoration Issues

Data restoration is one of the number one things you should consider when deciding on a managed backup service like a cloud-managed service. Cheaper options may not have the full capability to restore your data. Additionally, they may offer restoration software as an additional add-on which may add to your costs and take away from the ROI (return on investment). If you can’t restore your data, you may find yourself in the place of several violations and may be required to pay fines. The inability to restore data could do irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. 

The most crucial factor to consider when backing up data is knowing how to restore it in the event of a catastrophe. One important area that differentiates cheap from premium software is their ability to test backups.

If the provider doesn’t offer this software, what’s the point in purchasing their services in the first place?

If you can’t restore your data, you won’t only damage your brand, but you may find yourself in violation of compliance issues, which can lead to penalties. Some things to consider when testing a new cloud-managed service provider are: 

  • Test application, data, and operating system integrity
  • Scan for viruses before and after restoration
  • Restore your backup in an isolated environment
  • Build a report based on findings

Cannot Withstand Cyber Threats

Cyber threats and attacks cost businesses all over the world billions. Small businesses are most at risk due to their limited budgets for a managed backup service. A low-cost local and cloud-based backup provider may not be able to fulfil your data safety needs. You should look for features like encryption and other tools that protect your data. Your in-house data backup methods should complement your managed backup service provider. 

Managed Backup Services That Fit Your Needs

At Optimise IT we offer UK cloud backup services and cloud-managed services that fit your company’s needs. We are a relationship-first provider and work with you to get to know your needs and wants and help you achieve your goals. Learn more about how we are making IT personal. 

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