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From struggling systems to reliable IT infrastructure, Optimising IT helped industry-leading property consultants Bruton Knowles empower their IT platform and meet client demands. 


Bruton Knowles is a national property consultancy specialising in helping property owners, occupiers, developers and investors to achieve more from their land and property. They are a people-orientated business striving for excellence in everything they do.


Bruton Knowles understands the importance of robust IT service delivery. With 12 offices across the UK, and many agile and remote working staff, IT connectivity is an essential element of their business toolkit. 

Before approaching Optimising IT, Bruton Knowles required a partner capable of providing a range of important support services across their entire IT estate. Crucial to their demands was a reduction in downtime caused by fragile IT setups.

Their team was keen to find a service provider with the credentials and skills required to meet their demands and work with an enterprise that matched their ethos and brand values.

The key to their success was building a solid and long-lasting strategic relationship.

Bruton Knowles was not just looking for an IT service provider. They were looking for a partner they could trust and engage with comfortably — a partner who was aligned with their goals and willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed. They required solutions that matched the quality standards of an internal IT department, all while obtaining impartial, specialist and expert advice only acquired through a third-party service.

As a dedicated IT solutions supplier who focuses on a consultancy-led approach with a personal touch, Optimising IT was the clear choice.


The results for Bruton Knowles speak for themselves. 

Optimising IT helped develop a strong and more resilient IT system for the property consultancy firm, minimising disruption and empowering productivity. Since implementing our changes across the Bruton Knowles network, we’ve reduced the need for technical support contact by 30%.

Our dedication to continual service improvement and proactive support plans has secured a more stable and reliable IT platform for the Bruton Knowles team. By consolidating their applications and technology infrastructure, we were able to simplify Bruton Knowles’ IT systems for an easier-to-use and more efficient service.

Our consultative approach ultimately delivered an elegant IT system, one that not only drove up high levels of employee satisfaction and customer service but also offered the necessary support and reliability Bruton Knowles needed for peace of mind.


Our approach to the challenges posed by Bruton Knowles was simple but entirely effective. 

First, we established a strong and close-knit relationship with both their leadership team and their staff members. We underwent a process of investigation and analysis of their then-current services through feedback and manual reviews.

Our investigations allowed us to identify weaknesses and pitfalls with their IT service model, which meant we could present and implement targeted solutions. This method of solution provision ensured we could cover everything that Bruton Knowles needed to optimise their IT systems. We made sure the systems were fit for purpose, ran smoothly during day-to-day operations, and were prepared to deal with increasing demands.

At the heart of this solution was our Service Desk service, staffed by experienced IT professionals and technicians, who can solve most IT technical support queries over the phone during the first contact. This service helped deal with the primary issue facing Bruton Knowles, which was inefficient IT practice and technical downtime that was harming productivity and customer experience.

Alongside this reactive support, we also approached system vulnerabilities and weaknesses by introducing new infrastructure and services to increase stability. This included server management, network monitoring, data backup handling and Disaster Recovery (DR) support.

As part of our approach, we were aware that immediate activity might solve then-current problems, but due to the fast-flowing nature of the industry, it was likely new problems would arise as time went by. To future-proof Bruton Knowles’ IT strategy, we also introduced dedicated IT consultancy services to monitor ongoing developments and provide support through guidance on the use of technology, hardware and software.

Our consultative approach to this challenge resulted in a comprehensive IT service provided by Optimising IT, reflected in the ongoing IT management service found across a range of systems utilised by Bruton Knowles.


For many businesses, and Bruton Knowles is no exception, it’s vital to know that you’re getting the best value for money out of your IT spend. 

While the return on investment is often very good for IT systems, the cost of initial investment can be high. One of the biggest benefits for the property consultancy firm was finding Optimising IT, a service provider they could trust to future-proof their digital assets and ensure that their money was being spent efficiently and effectively.

Other core benefits of our case study include:

  • Development of a reliable and resilient IT system
  • The implementation of a highly supportive and experienced Service Desk, solving an impressive 78% of calls on the first contact
  • Total and ongoing coverage of essential IT management services, including server upkeep, network monitoring, data backups, disaster recovery support and more
  • Improved cyber security with Cyber Essentials Compliance certification and associated system upgrades, such as security gap analysis and implementation of data controls to mitigate cyber-security threats.
  • Dedicated and ongoing IT consultancy support, enabling continued developments that drive the Bruton Knowles business forward. Projects to upgrade and enhance the IT system to date have included software development, server migration from physical to cloud services, a security review and cyber reconfiguration, and the decommissioning of old and outdated hardware.

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