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Exploring the Different Types of Managed IT Services Available

Advances in technology have vastly changed the way we do business, from remote capabilities and cloud computing to more efficient techniques. IT is an essential component to remaining competitive in today’s market. This change has brought about many beneficial results, but having expertise in IT is crucial to achieving the best results.

However, not all businesses have the resources to maintain their own IT support team. The solution to this challenge is outsourcing managed IT services. The purpose of these service providers is to be a cost-effective resource for expert IT support that makes work easier for their clients. These providers offer services for various tech areas, from cyber security to cloud computing and managed IT services.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are third-party services that provide companies with necessary frameworks, infrastructure, project management, and other technical support. The typical tasks of a managed IT provider range from implementing software to maintaining it through updates, management, monitoring, and reporting on the functionality of the implemented solutions.

These services benefit all businesses and industries by providing informed solutions to improve business strategies and performance levels. A high-quality managed service team takes the time to familiarise themselves with their clients to offer customised plans that will work best for the client’s standard operating procedures and industry.

Types of Managed IT Services

There are various types of managed IT services and providers available. However, they sometimes provide different kinds of services, so to ensure you find the ideal solution for your organisation, a careful provider selection is crucial.

Optimising IT provides many services with a significant focus on security measures. Our managed IT support includes the following services:

  • Remote IT Support
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Climate Conscious IT 
  • Network & Infrastructure Support
  • IT Service Transition Support
  • Project Management & Delivery
  • Managed IT Procurement

Remote IT Support

Our remote IT support provides off-site support for many different IT problems. A dedicated team of service desk engineers can be contacted via instant messaging in our customer support portal, email requests, or over the phone. Remote support is provided based on the client’s organisation, staff locations, and devices, allowing us to manage them remotely securely.

Our six-step approach to remote IT support ensures comprehensive solutions by:

  • Identifying Issues 
  • Logging Their Details 
  • Quickly Resolving Or Processing Complex Issues 
  • Resolving Or Escalating More Complicated Problems 
  • Monitoring & Communicating Progress 
  • Performing Quality Control Checks

At Optimising IT, we solve 78% of issues during the first phone call. With our remote services, you no longer have to endure difficult and frustrating customer service phone calls that leave you on hold and extended waiting times for solutions. Our methods promote quick resolutions and fully informed reports, so you know exactly what is happening and the progress.

Onsite IT Support

While our remote support is impressive, some prefer the in-person approach to IT services – onsite IT support. Our onsite services are offered on-demand and regularly, depending on your requirements. The benefits of our onsite support include quick access to experts, IT support best practices, decreased expenses, and minimal disruption, so your business stays productive.

Onsite support teams take care of many different tasks and problems, from installing new equipment to maintaining servers. Our services ensure your organisation’s IT stays updated for maximum efficiency and a competitive edge in your industry.

Climate Conscious IT

Over time, efforts to combat climate change have transformed many fields, including technology. Our climate-conscious IT services focus on reducing climate impacts by lowering or offsetting your business’s carbon emissions. These services are provided by contributions to reforestation projects, increasing awareness, providing jobs to communities dedicated to planting trees, supporting charities, revitalising wildlife habitats, and implementing responsible technologies.

Our climate conscious IT is centred around offsetting carbon emissions because, as a business, it is difficult to reduce emissions to zero. Every use of technology requires electricity which is responsible for producing carbonbusinesses’ continued dependence on technology to remain competitive limits the ability to lower emissions. Therefore, until we can develop effective alternatives, offsetting emissions is the best solution.

Network & Infrastructure Support

An essential component of a successful business is a strong network and infrastructure. We provide network & infrastructure support that ensures your business has the most suitable hardware, software, equipment, and resources to stay competitive. Technology is constantly changing and being updated, making maintenance a vital aspect.

Whether your business needs minor support to continue working efficiently or a complete overhaul of your network, our expert technicians are here to help. Our expertise enables you to make the best decisions based on your company goals, size, and growth plans.

IT Service Transition Support

For those that already have a managed IT provider but are looking to change to another provider, we offer IT service transition support that makes changing less daunting. Transitioning to another provider is necessary for many reasons and, with the correct information, enhances a business. Our expert teams offer end-to-end, tailored solutions that are developed by getting to know your business and goals.

With our assistance, your IT and staff will see improvement in productivity, security, and business strategies. Those that are unimpressed with their current provider, whether it is because of inadequate customer support or solutions, will benefit from transitioning to a new provider.

Project Management & Delivery

Managing IT projects is time-consuming and requires specialised skills for successful deliveries. Not all companies have the in-house expertise to manage IT projects. Our project management & delivery services provide you with the resources, strategies, and expertise needed for enhanced IT projects.

No matter your organisation’s industry, our experts have the necessary experience in a wide range of industries to provide you with the best services. By utilising our services, your projects will be delivered on time, within budget, and help your business achieve its goals.

Managed IT Procurement

Choosing the most suitable IT hardware and software for your business is daunting with the various options available. Our managed IT procurement services alleviate this challenge by working with you to gain valuable insight into your company to provide you with the best recommendations. We are partners with many suppliers that give us access to high-quality products which we install for you.

A part of our values is collaborating with our clients, as opposed to a transactional relationship that is inadequate for ensuring customised solutions. An IT system enhances an organisation by increasing efficiency, organisation, and return on investment. We will guide you through each step of the process through our services. Your company will maintain total control over how much it spends and the timeline for expected results.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are beneficial for all types of organisations, whether your business is in the healthcare sector, automotive, retail, or banking and financial services. The benefits of outsourcing a third-party IT support service include the following:

  • Filling Employment Gaps
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Quick Results
  • Decreased Downtime
  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency
  • Improved Security & Project Delivery
  • Access to Cutting Edge Technology
  • Reduced Risks
  • Expert IT Specialists
  • Increased Growth as a Company

Of these benefits, the most significant ones for any organisation are the cost-effectiveness of a managed service, access to expert IT specialists, efficient management of risks, more flexibility, and increased productivity and efficiency. IT systems are integral to a business, but managing them in-house is not always feasible. With the proper resources, you can ensure that your company’s IT capabilities enhance your performance and do not hinder them.

Without expert knowledge, IT resources can be costly. A managed IT service has the expertise and experience to provide you with an all-in-one resource for all IT needs. It, and the increase in productivity, enhance savings and revenue.

Outsourcing an IT Team

Retaining an in-house IT team is challenging, especially for small and medium-sized companies with no budget or resources to support a team. Outsourcing an IT team gives you access to specialists with extensive experience in various industries. That level of expertise is costly to have in-house, so an IT service is an essential alternative.

Managed IT support is also beneficial for effectively managing risks, from security measures to data migration and maintenance of IT systems. Proactive and preventative approaches are crucial for minimising security risks and ensuring the competitiveness of a business.

Outsourcing also allows you to choose from a more extensive selection of IT resources. The latest software and updates are essential for competitiveness in today’s market. An IT service gives you access and the flexibility to implement the tools most suited for your goals and industry.

An outsourced IT service’s significant purpose is the responsibilities taken off of internal departments. As a result, it frees up their time so they can spend more time and effort on tasks they have expertise in. Increasing productivity and efficiency means your business grows faster and is more successful.

Optimising IT as a Preferred Partner

At Optimising IT, we have built our service on three core values that have shaped our work culture and offerings into an industry-leading managed IT support company. Our driving values are trust, simplicity, and respect. These values are essential for our tailored approach to IT support. It’s also fantastic for the confidence of our clients in our ability to improve their businesses.

Our dedication is to provide our clients with knowledgeable IT specialists with experience in various industries. Our managed IT services are one of many services we offer to enhance your business. We have designed our services through a consultancy-led approach to bring clarity and improvements to your IT systems, from desktop support to fully managed networks and infrastructures.

The indication of a high-quality managed service is in how we offer you the services. We centre our services on individual clients and their industry requirements to effectively grow their businesses and increase their success. The tech sector is complex and presents many challenges requiring expert knowledge and tools.

What We Offer

We offer customised solutions by taking the time to understand your business and assuming the role of a partner that is an extension of your organisation. Our collaboration ensures that the solutions we offer proactively improve every component of your work.

By setting up structures that prevent problems from happening, we ensure the smooth continuation of your business. For those problems that companies can’t control, we implement tools that identify, alert, and resolve issues and defects as they arise for the minimal interruption.

For more information about Optimising IT, check us out here. Contact us here to inquire about our managed IT services and utilise them for your business! Our certified experts are ready to help you transform your business and reach new heights.

Climate Conscious IT

In short – it’s ‘IT for Good’. You can choose to offset your workforce’s carbon now, plan to offset their carbon in future, or do both for maximum impact.

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