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G-CLOUD 12 vs Cloud Computing Platforms

We offer fully-managed IT services or one-off support packages to clients looking to scale and boost their productivity through the most powerful and trusted IT solutions. Our business cloud services offer advantageous power and flexibility by reducing costs, increasing speed, and providing system reliability. For those in the public sector and non-departmental public bodies, Optimising IT G-Cloud 12 services could be an even better fit for your cloud backup UK needs.

Optimise IT builds client relationships with many small to medium-sized businesses. Cloud computing has several benefits that these enterprises need, namely, access to computing services, including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence in ways that maximise the speed of innovation and the ability to scale. Many Uk cloud backup platforms exist, but we see the G-Cloud 12 platform as offering all-in-one solutions to our clients while lowering operating costs, adding efficiency to processes, and providing easy scalability when needed.

If you need convincing that the best cloud backup UK is G-Cloud 12, this article will explain it compared to other platforms. You can also rest assured that Optimise IT can offer full support with implementation, maintenance, security, and every aspect of your business cloud services.

What Is G-Cloud 12?

G-Cloud is short for government cloud. It’s the framework established by the UK government to promote more business cloud services and for government entities to utilise them. Business cloud services are safer and much more cost-effective than traditional on-premise systems. Public sectors can find technology providers and purchase products and services from the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.

A new update has been made roughly every nine months to the G-Cloud since its inception, with G-Cloud 12 expected to last until September 2022. Some of the best-known and most effective cloud computing services are found on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, including those offered by AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

A Look At Other Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing as an Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-service) model is one of the most rapidly adopted technologies of our time, especially in the business world. Moving applications out of on-site premises and into the cloud has added massive amounts of efficiency and cost savings, all due to the agility and scalability of cloud computing.

The Iaas model consists of third-party provider hosts to manage and maintain core infrastructure, software, hardware, servers, as well as storage for their clients. Today’s three most prominent cloud vendors are AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Typically, customers only pay for the infrastructure they use from their provider host. Other than that obvious benefit, there are strengths of each of the ‘big three’ cloud vendors that businesses assess when choosing the right platform. Some adopt a multi-cloud approach, using multiple vendors that work best for different aspects of their operations.

Amazon Web Services is by far the market leader, with over 175 applications and providing a depth of service that Google and Microsoft have not been able to match yet. This is due to Amazon’s headstart when moving into cloud computing platform services in the early 2000s. However, the services with AWS can be cost-prohibitive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses when they mismanage or do not fully understand the metrics and impact that specific services will have when building their infrastructure.

Microsoft offers many advantages to businesses with the productivity that can be achieved throughout their operations. Office 365, Azure, and Teams are used by clients globally, making Microsoft a prominent all-in-one solution for many end-users. Google’s advantages come from its massive machine learning strengths and influential open source technologies like Kubernetes and Istio.

Advantages Of G-Cloud 12 For The Public Sector

For several reasons, appropriate UK cloud backup is essential to parts of the economy controlled by the government. The G-Cloud was created to optimise the advantages of the best cloud backup UK platforms and streamline it for the public sector. Procuring services from cloud vendors for the public sector and non-departmental public bodies have become even more efficient and cost-effective with today’s G-Cloud 12.

More than 25,000 business cloud services and products are available on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, giving far more choice to end-users than they could get from even a multi-cloud approach with the ‘big three’ vendors.

The higher level of competition from the many vendors offering their cloud backup UK products creates lower prices and more innovation. The reduced operating costs from on-site data centres provide much-needed resources to small and medium-sized businesses. With more money to invest in the best cloud backup UK G-Cloud platform, scalability is also readily achievable. The most needed services by the public sector to serve its constituents can be rapidly increased or decreased based on merit – further creating more cost-effective solutions.

G-Cloud 12 Services From Optimising IT

Optimising IT are leaders in providing fully-managed IT services. We have been named as Crown Commercial Service Providers for the G-Cloud 12 framework and create tailored Cloud backup UK support for the UK public sector and non-departmental public bodies:

Optimising IT will empower your organisation with a transformative digital strategy. Empower your services with a digital transformation strategy. Your business cloud services are also cost-effective when you partner with us. We provide:

  • Expert consultancy
  • The best cloud backup UK service support
  • Training on installation and configuration of UK cloud backup and cyber security

Contact Optimising It For Managed IT G-Cloud Solutions

Our services meet all the security and compliance requirements for your UK cloud backup services with G-Cloud. Other platforms are available, but only G-Cloud has optimised all of the benefits into one framework for businesses. You’ll further enhance the advantages when choosing Optimising IT as your service management provider.

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