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UK Cloud Phone System

As technology evolves, businesses will need to grow with it. This has become increasingly apparent, especially as more and more businesses become remote. There are a lot of tools that can benefit your business, some of which are exceptionally easy to handle. One such tool is a UK Cloud Phone System.

If you’re part of a growing business—or even one that has stood the test of time but is looking to enhance its workflow—then a cloud-based service business system can help. It enables your business to maintain a strong and professional presence by ensuring mobility and creating more accessible collaboration opportunities between workers.

What is a UK Cloud Phone System?

To understand what a UK Cloud Phone System or cloud-based telephony service is, we’ll need to break it down into two parts: the cloud, and the phone service.

The cloud refers to systems that operate entirely online as opposed to offline. You can retrieve files stored from the online service in a similar way to how you can access files on a local hard drive.

A phone system or service is what is required for you and your business to make calls. Outside of a smartphone, phones are typically analogue. This means that the phone has to be physically connected to phone lines.

A cloud-based telephony service is one where your business can communicate online both internally and externally. This is to say all of the software and hardware required to communicate is kept in an off-site data centre.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to use the internet to send and receive voice traffic across multiple office locations. VoIP calls can be made and received over desk phones, computers, and mobile apps.

This sort of service can provide specific advantages over the use of the traditional analogue phone system. All businesses looking to grow can benefit greatly from the features that a remote work cloud service can supply.

How Does a UK Cloud Phone System Benefit Your Business?

Understanding technology is paramount to the success of all businesses moving forward. Those thinking of incorporating a cloud-based service business system would do well to learn of the benefits one can provide.

Mobility & Unified Communications

As a business grows, expansion is almost assured. A flexible communication system will help to overcome obstacles such as relocation and the facilitation of remote work. Scalability is essential and a cloud-based telephony service is perfect for businesses with a fluctuating workforce.

Combine your cloud phone with a unified communications system and your business will have the complete portability package. Your system will be operational anywhere an internet connection can be found. Team members will also have access to a full range of tools—from instant messaging to video conference calls—that can be accessed remotely.

A cloud phone system is one system that can span multiple locations. The entire setup is easy to install and maintain, far less resource intensive than an analogue system and can be the cheaper option with bundled services.

Productivity & Reliability

Productivity has never been easier thanks to the mobility and ease of use of remote work from the cloud. New features are easily added, and added often, increasing efficiency with less worry. No matter where you are, the cloud is always accessible, so long as an internet connection is available. This makes it a more reliable system as well.

Downtime is a thing of the past during power cuts, black and brownouts, and natural disasters that would knock down phone lines. Instead, your workers will be carrying their extensions around with them, ensuring they never miss a customer’s call.

A cloud phone system makes the maintenance of a strong, professional presence a much simpler task. The use of VoIP can provide a higher-quality call than that of the traditional landline, which customers will appreciate.

Easy Collaboration

Accessibility is key to collaboration. A communication system should be easy to use and as flexible as possible for a business’s employees.

Cloud phones integrate with other forms of technology that aid in the growth of a business. Unified communications provide all of the right tools to collaborate effectively. It allows a team to constantly communicate and maintain a consistent online presence.

Video conferencing has never been easier. No matter where you are in the world, whether that means stuck in downtown traffic, heading to pick up your kids, or even on a boat at sea, remember that so long as you have the Internet, you can collaborate with co-workers at the click of a single button.

Future Proofing

As early as 2025 will see the end of ISDN and PSTN networks. BT has already begun phasing them out since 2020. This means that businesses will require an alternative office phone network, which is where cloud-based telephony services come into play.

Being dubbed the “fourth industrial revolution” 2025 will see multiple technologies transform the global economy. 33% of the most important skill sets required to see such a transformation are not even yet considered imperative to businesses.

Of course, one of these technologies is a cloud-based telephony service. Businesses can future-proof themselves right now by getting ahead of the curve. Seeing as practically everything is ‘in the cloud’ these days, why shouldn’t this pertain to your business as well?

Should You Choose a UK Cloud Phone System?

With a whole host of features and benefits, any UK business focused on growth would do well to incorporate a cloud phone system. Companies composed of remote workers and distributed teams will look to profit from the switch if they haven’t already.

Not only is it more cost-effective than a traditional phone line, but it also creates a wealth of opportunities for your business to flourish. So, if you’re looking for a system that is reliable, flexible, portable, and will scale as your business grows, then the answer is yes. Find a cloud hosting provider for your UK cloud phone system today!

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