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How IT Support Can Benefit Your Business-What Can You Expect

Every industry today is connected to technologies and there is a huge push toward digitalisation by individual entities from government down to the smallest businesses. Digitalising makes sense from a business perspective – lowering operating costs while increasing productivity and profitability. As an organisation grows and becomes more complex, it makes sense to allocate resources to ensure this digital format runs smoothly.

A business can choose two primary options to handle their information technology: with an in-house team or outsourcing to IT, support managed services. There are various considerations to be made when deciding on this, including if those technologies will be located on-site or in the cloud

While an in-house IT team has its benefits, most businesses will find more advantages with IT support managed services from a dedicated IT support provider. Optimising IT is consistently rated one of the best in the UK – especially our IT support Bristol, Gloucester, and Gloucestershire teams. These teams assist businesses 24/7/365 to gain protection from cyber threats, improve technology inefficiencies, eliminate recurring faults, and find new opportunities to enhance their services to their customers and grow. 

The benefits of adopting IT support managed services from a third-party provider will be enumerated below. You will further enhance these benefits when choosing Optimising IT as your fully-managed IT support provider. Whether you’re looking for IT support Bristol, IT support Gloucester, or IT support Gloucestershire services, you’ll find best-in-class management and solutions to your business needs that can scale alongside it as you grow. 

Why Choose Managed Services Over In-House IT?

Your business is not alone if you feel its productivity is being hindered by its existing Information Technology structure. Many companies, big and small that have utilised in-house IT are switching to an outside IT support provider. Cloud computing offers businesses much more flexibility and choice and eliminates the need for many on-site technologies like servers, hardware, software, etc. The government incentivises the public sector and non-departmental entities to source high-powered and low-cost applications from vendors in the G-Cloud.

Still, while solution costs are almost always lower with a fully-managed service plan, there are other factors to consider when deciding to bring it in-house or not. Traditionally, the size of a business has mattered in the debate. With a small infrastructure of only a handful of end-users and computers, an in-house IT department was easier to come by and manage. 

But even in this situation, it is challenging to ensure dedicated IT support every day, hour, and second of the year. 24/7/365 service comes guaranteed with a contract from an outsourced provider. Additionally, with a support provider, most problems affecting your IT systems are fixed before you even know there was a problem – something that doesn’t happen as frequently with an in-house team. 

Some will say that an in-house IT team is better positioned to provide the company with the proper management and solutions. But all of the clients we provide service from know that Optimising IT tailors services to meet their needs, and does it with over 100 years of combined IT experience. With our IT Support in Bristol and surrounding areas, we provide managed service plans where you choose what you need or don’t need. Our dealings with all types of industries all over the UK have positioned us as the top in the field for any business. 

Our IT support managed services are flexible and scalable. Along with 24/7/365 answers and solutions to all of your business IT needs:

  • We eliminate all of the headaches that come with managing IT systems on your own.
  • You have more time to do what you’re most passionate about: managing your business.
  • We provide industry-leading support with a team of award-winning experts.

Optimising IT brings you the best value in fully-managed IT support in Bristol, Gloucestershire, and Gloucester. We also offer single-service packages for more flexibility. If you want a mix of in-house and outsourced IT support providers, you can opt for helpdesk support or software procurement packages. 

Don’t worry about being in the dark about what services are provided with IT support managed services from Optimising IT. The contract you sign with us and our service are 100% transparent. You have the flexibility to pay for want you want or don’t want and are given a detailed list of services we will be providing. There are no hidden fees, and we are there to serve you every day of the year if you choose. 

With outsourced, IT support managed services. There is a support ticket system to focus on issues to your business based on priority – just as you would expect with an in-house IT team. We understand the technologies of every business and will optimise efficiencies at all levels to boost your company’s productivity. Over a hundred years of combined experience and working with clients across a wide range of industries means we are just as able to integrate into your processes as an in-house team from day one. Our experts are almost always more knowledgeable about available upgrades to your processes than in-house IT support teams.

The Benefits Your Business Will See Immediately And In The Future With IT Support Managed Services

Whether you’re seeking managed IT support in Bristol or the surrounding areas, the reason always revolves around increasing productivity. Productivity itself has far-reaching effects. With an IT support provider like Optimising IT, productivity will have a ripple effect on your business’s services and internal functions, resulting in gains elsewhere.

Improved Security And Data Management

None of the data you store is unimportant, so you should care deeply about keeping it secure. Your employees’ and customers’ information must be kept safe, or you jeopardise your company’s reputation and future success. A managed IT support provider can take a more complex look at gaps and vulnerabilities than in-house developers and provide practical solutions to manage and secure critical information. 

Most cyber attacks target employees anyways – primarily through e-mail schemes – and the experienced professionals from your managed IT support provider can create a data management strategy that works best for your business. Optimising IT works tirelessly to secure your systems from various threats, including viruses and malware. This process comes from providing updates and monitoring your systems with regular cybersecurity audits. 

Other aspects include consultancy services and training for your team to understand the threats and implement best practices to avoid them. This is an excellent place to mention that your business gains empowerment through an outsourced IT support management provider like Optimising IT.

Glean Insights Through Metrics

If you choose monitoring and metrics capturing as part of your IT support managed services, you acquire deeper insights that lead to better decision-making. All significant business decisions are rooted in market research. There are tools and applications available to track the entire customer journey to improve their experience; you can also follow the productivity of your team members and find inefficiencies to fix. 

Tracking can be done with video conferences, reviews and posts on social media, surveys, etc. Optimising IT can help you implement these tools and efficiently deliver the data to you for a complete picture of your business’s operations. Set goals and objectives to understand better what works and what doesn’t. 

Run Your Business Smoothly

Complexity isn’t necessarily a bad thing in business. But it does mean there is more potential for things to go wrong. Problems will eventually arise as your internal systems experience growing pains. Improving hardware for more memory storage, faster processing, and better quality displays is a challenge every growing business faces, but that can gain advanced solutions and flawless execution through managed IT support.

Managed IT services bring you more intelligent and more robust applications. Your processes become more streamlined through an improved ability to capture and analyse data. You’ll also have the tools necessary to plan scalability. 

Reduce Operating Costs

Reducing operating costs is something every business strives for. Choosing managed IT support services is an investment, but it generates cost savings that you will notice. Firstly, outsourcing to a managed IT support provider is almost always less expensive than an in-house IT support team – they can charge lower rates because their services are employed by multiple other businesses simultaneously and can pass along savings to you.

You have the flexibility to choose your service options with an IT support framework like Optimising IT. We tailor-make a plan that best suits your business needs. You only pay for the services you want. There are no extra add-ons that hike up your rates. 

You should also consider how reduced downtime for your systems will lower overall operational costs. Every business feels the economic strain associated with downtime. It takes away from your team’s productivity, sours relationships with your customers, and negatively impacts your bottom line. 

One study has shown that the average cost to businesses due to downtime was more than £245,000. The figure may be lower if yours is a small business, but any amount is disproportionally more significant. And the loss to your reputation can be far more detrimental in the long run. 

Downtime for businesses is drastically reduced through a managed IT services provider because they employ a proactive security approach. In-house IT support teams operate as a reactionary service – fixing issues after they happen. Optimising IT monitors your systems 24/7/365 and constantly searches for vulnerabilities to stop the problems before they occur. Security gaps are quickly filled as they are found, reducing the chances of data breaches or catastrophic shutdowns. The boost in productivity and reduced downtimes you receive with a managed IT support services provider adds significant cost savings over time. 

Our Managed IT Services

You get the best value with Optimising IT managed services no matter the size of your business, what industry it’s in, or if you need IT support in Gloucestershire or IT support in Gloucester. Below is a list of our complete service solutions that can be included in your plan or cherry-picked to meet your unique business IT needs.

  • IT Desktop Support
  • Network and Infrastructure Support
  • On-Site IT Support
  • Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing
  • IT Service Transition
  • Service Management
  • Managed Procurement
  • Project Management and Delivery

The founders of Optimising IT have over a hundred years of combined experience. We have built upon managed IT services that focus on delivering the best value through quality service, collaborative working, and industry-leading skill and execution. You won’t find any other managed IT service provider anywhere in the UK. Our clients know that what sets us apart is best-in-class features such as:

  • A remote access service desk with a single point of contact across all aspects of your IT infrastructure allows you to escalate support challenges and keep an eye on all IT activities.
  • Responsive on-site technical support with rapid deployment on-site and deskside.
  • Proactive management and network support.
  • Cyber security strategy and consultancy.
  • Dedication to optimising the services we provide, detailing our improvements, performance, and deliverables to you.
  • Providing you with consultation on your business’s IT infrastructure performance with an analysis of its effectiveness. We stand by your side to help you realise your business goals and objectives through its IT service, planning and completing projects to improve your IT infrastructure in a way that aligns with your vision and strategy. 

Contact Optimising IT

Managed IT support services are cost-effective and supply proactive solutions to your business’s Information Technology needs. Optimising IT raises the industry standard for the depth of services an IT support provider should offer its clients. If you want to maximise the benefits of business IT with best-in-class support and cyber security, contact us today at Optimising IT.

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