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How To Enable Digital Transformation With Cloud Solutions

We’re living in a digital world where every business relies on technology for growth, change and even day-to-day activities.

With the right technology and digital solutions, you can boost productivity in the workplace, increase the efficiency of your everyday operations and scale your business without worrying whether your systems can handle the growth.

If you want your business to stay ahead of the curve and out-perform the competition, you need to enable and drive digital transformation and leverage technology to enhance your processes.

The best way to drive digital transformation? Embracing a cloud-first strategy. When you utilise the right cloud services, they can provide a solid foundation for enhanced productivity, security and scalability. So how can you enable digital transformation with cloud solutions? Here’s what you need to know about digital transformation and the cloud services that can help you achieve it.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation looks different for every business. But put simply, it’s the process of adopting digital technology to change the way you operate.

You might create new processes, or modify existing ones. Either way, the goal is to implement new technologies that can help you meet ever-changing business requirements and achieve more with less effort. And that’s made possible with cloud solutions.

How To Use Cloud Solutions For Digital Transformation

With so many different cloud services, from cloud storage to easily accessible applications, it’s important to identify the best digital transformation cloud solutions for your business.

Here are some of the ways you can drive digital transformation with cloud-based technology.

Upgrade The Applications You Use In The Workplace To Boost Productivity

The tools and applications your employees use each day can have a big impact on your business’s performance. With applications that are secure, easily accessible and collaborative, you can unlock numerous benefits.

Reliable applications can optimise the way you work and help your team achieve maximum productivity. For example, Microsoft 365 applications have helped organisations of all sizes, all over the world to achieve digital transformation by providing the tools teams need to work efficiently and collaboratively. That’s why we offer managed Microsoft 365 services. We’ve seen how Microsoft’s cloud-based applications allow teams to securely store and access files, reduce downtime, communicate and collaborate with ease.

Streamline Collaboration, Enable Flexible Working And Grow Your Team With Global Talent

Cloud-based applications can also be accessed from anywhere, enabling flexible working arrangements and opening up collaboration opportunities. With the right tools, productive working is made possible anywhere, anytime.

Whether colleagues are in the same office, spread across locations or working remotely, they can work together without hassle. As well as bringing together your existing team, you’ll be able to grow without geographical restrictions and tap into talent around the world, without worrying about communication or collaboration difficulties.

Ensure Professional Consistency Across Your Communications

Cloud storage can give your employees access to files, materials and tools that help you streamline communications between colleagues and with customers.

Software applications, data and files can be stored online with cloud hosting, making them easy to find, reference and share when necessary. This helps ensure consistent responses to common queries by employees. Branding materials such as email signatures can be hosted online too so that when your team members send communications, they communicate with professional consistency and build your brand image.

Protect Your Business And Safeguard Your Data With Cloud Backups

When you embrace cloud-based technologies, you benefit from several security advantages. Whether you backup your online or local data, cloud storage is more secure than traditional options, such as external drives. Your data can be stored across thousands of data centres, minimising the risk of data loss. There are also cloud backup and data recovery services that can protect your data from cyber-attacks and physical damage to servers and hardware.

Losing any data can be a huge risk for your business. It can cost you time and money, damage your reputation and affect your customers’ trust in your brand. But with a cloud-first approach to data storage and protection, you can gain peace of mind that your data is protected with several layers of security measures.

Enable Efficient Scalability With Systems Built For Growth

Cloud-based solutions are scalable and usually unlimited in terms of capacity. While physical systems can take a lot of time, effort and money to scale, cloud services are designed to give businesses freedom and flexibility when it comes to growth.

You can always upgrade your storage or access requirements to meet your business’s changing needs. So when your business grows, you won’t need to worry about whether your systems can handle the increased demand.

How To Choose The Right Digital Transformation Cloud Solutions

Cloud hosting, backup services and applications can change the way your business operates, streamlining your everyday activities and supporting greater productivity and profitability. But there can be challenges when it comes to achieving digital transformation with cloud-native solutions.

For cloud-based technologies to be a worthwhile investment for your business, you need to ensure that solutions:

  • Support high performance while remaining cost-effective
  • Are integrated with your existing systems
  • Are operated with diligent governance measures.

The most reliable way to migrate to the cloud, integrate your existing systems and manage data in line with policies and regulations is to choose fully managed cloud services.

When you work with cloud service providers, you can access the best cloud-based business tools and applications while taking a hands-off approach. This frees you to focus on the areas of your business that matter most to you. Your cloud experts will identify and manage the best solutions for your digital transformation.

Work With Optimising IT To Leverage Cloud-Based Technologies And Streamline Processes

At Optimising IT, we offer industry-leading cloud consultancy. We make sure small businesses keep up with ever-changing technological developments to stay ahead of the curve and competition.

With our help, you can modernise your IT systems with the latest cloud technology and unlock new ways of working — smarter ways.

Our cloud services can be custom-built to suit your specific requirements because we know that the best cloud service depends on what you want to get out of it.

Drive digital transformation with cloud services tailored to your needs and designed to boost your productivity, lock down your security and unlock your potential. Take a look at our industry-leading cloud services for small businesses or get started with a free IT system review.


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