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The Benefits of Remote IT Support

With hybrid work options here to stay, many employers and employees are still struggling to adapt to the new landscape of work. For some individuals, this is their first time having to access work documents, networks, and other sensitive information remotely. As a result, many individuals are realising their tech skills are not what they once thought. Not only are workforce staff members struggling with the technology, but they’re also discovering the importance of managed antivirus solutions. Remote IT support can be just the solution they need.

Remote workers must understand how to work VPNs, access cloud networks, and manage the various remote accessing software necessary for a remote or hybrid work situation. Managed antivirus software can offer staff and employers cyber security solutions necessary to maintain hybrid and remote work options.  

But it’s not just their hardware and software that’s having trouble with the new transition. According to the BBC, nearly 80% of UK residents feel that remote work is adversely impacting their mental health. The well-being of workers is being affected, and employers and employees alike are seeking solutions to this growing problem. 

What are the Benefits of Remote Work?

Remote work was a necessary pivot during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. However, due to benefits like zero commute time, flexibility in the work day, and control over one’s environment, it quickly became a popular staple for many in and just entering the workforce. Initially, and even still, many people cited immediate mental health benefits from working remotely. Introverted staff members could do their job without the stress of having to socialise excessively or at all. Extroverted workers could chit-chat all day with team members via Slack. 

But employers benefited from remote work as well. Now employers could have access to talent from anywhere in the world. Now highly talented individuals were no longer relegated to opportunities only near them. As a result, employers and job-seeking individuals were able to connect, and an information and talent race began! 

Finding the Balance 

One of the biggest hurdles for remote and hybrid workers has been to find a balance between work and life. While initially working on the sofa or in bed became a fun vacation from a traditional workstation, workers quickly realised soft surfaces were not sustainable workstation options. 

Shifting from remote work was not exactly straightforward, which left many UK workers in need of remote IT support and remote IT help. Companies quickly had to remodel their workforce design model to accommodate these new settings. Everyone was asked to reimagine what it meant to be a person at work. Employers need to balance giving flexibility while remote workers need to find the tools and systems to remain productive. This shift looked different between each organisation and its workforce. 

According to researchers, different demographics of workers will experience remote work and produce under remote work differently. They’ve cited that young mothers are the most likely to benefit from working from home. Additionally, individuals with a strong support system in their neighbourhood or life seemed to benefit from remote work. 

Upgrading Remote IT Support Services 

Another major hurdle for both employers and staff is finding the right remote IT support. While many sought compliance certificates, many employers still struggled to fill the void of remote vs in-person IT support. 

Now, employers and staff were not only scrambling to create in-home office spaces complete with hardware like laptops, drive extensions, VPNs, and phone lines but remote IT help became an additional hurdle. Managed antivirus software became one of the solutions to this growing problem. 

Did you know it takes about three days to receive replacement hardware from an IT department? Not only is there downtime with the hardware out for repair, but you may still require face-to-face interaction with an IT consultant to access the new or replacement software. 

To try and circumvent this, some companies were opting for “Smart Lockers”, which would hold devices, software, and other accessories as a way for employees to become their own IT help. 

However, smart companies with remote IT help and companies who pivoted to remote IT support had an easier time adjusting. Their staff no longer needed to wait for long turnaround times to trade in hardware, nor did they have to leave the house to access a “Smart Locker.” Remote IT support also allowed them to outsource all IT experts, thus saving money on salary and benefits for someone to be in-house full-time. 

What is Managed Antivirus Software 

Managed antivirus software is a solution that centrally manages and protects your company’s private data. Rather than each of your devices being manually protected using antivirus software for each device, a separately managed antivirus solution is installed and is administered and monitored by a remote IT support team. Managed antivirus vs other methods offers cyber security solutions that make sense for growing businesses like yours.

Compliance Certificate Solutions

Several different compliance certifications can help support your business. Some of the benefits of compliance certificate solutions include sharpening your key skills and ensuring that your staff knows how to keep your sensitive data safe. Corporate, financial, and health compliance certificate solutions are just some of the solutions options that may be right for your business. A remote IT team offering cyber security solutions can help you determine which compliance certificate solutions are right for your business. 

Is Remote IT Services Support Right for My Company? 

Whether your company is back-in-person, hybrid or totally remote, IT help can help you manage your workforce remotely while also providing them with remote IT support services like managed antivirus solutions. If you’re wondering if remote IT services are right for your company, the answer is always a resounding YES! 

Through the use of managed antivirus and other cyber security solutions like compliance certificates coupled with remote IT support, your business can run smoothly from anywhere in the world. 

Remote IT help can help reduce the stress and frustration of technology and software issues. Compliance training and certificates can help you, and your staff navigate the new digital landscape. 

These issues that would typically take days or even weeks to resolve can now be resolved within hours, if not minutes. Remote IT support could allow you to take your objectives and goals and make them even greater. With the weight of IT support off your staff’s shoulders, your team can now focus on meeting their targets and exceeding their goals. 

Remote IT Support with Optimise IT 

Whether you’re looking for a full range of fully-managed IT services or just need one-off remote IT support, Optimise IT is your one-stop shot. At Optimising IT, we offer consultancy, staff training, and system upgrades that protect you from cyber testing to network compliance checks and so much more. We offer award-winning services from accredited and certified IT support service experts who are ready to help you find the right remote IT support solutions for your business. 

Our services are designed to make your life easier. We take a relationship-driven approach to finding IT solutions that fit your needs. Our systems are designed to take the headache out of IT support, bringing total clarity to your business leadership and ensuring you’re always moving forward to bigger and better things.

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