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In today’s world, business looks incredibly different from even just a decade ago. Advancements in technology like management tools, security, and cloud computing have entirely changed how companies run. From smart devices and computers to the latest applications, the role of technology has become an essential requirement for maintaining a competitive edge in business.

Microsoft Office 365 software is a leading provider of promising technology to all areas of daily life, including personal, educational, and business. Microsoft has set the standard for these technologies. Their brand is globally recognised, and most people have interacted with their applications at some point in their life.

Easily recognised Microsoft applications are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But Microsoft software has so much more! There are a vast number of applications that perform specialised tasks and are essential for many industries. As a leading provider of applications used by businesses, Microsoft software has advanced capabilities that help companies comply with industry regulations, from security measures to privacy standards.

In addition to maintaining compliance with these standards, Microsoft Office 365 software is beneficial for basic organisational responsibilities and functions. Creating documents, spreadsheets, reports, and presentations is an essential function of businesses. Microsoft applications have revolutionised these functions with applications that increase productivity and efficiency.

The importance of Microsoft for businesses is indisputable, but there are key components to understand to achieve the best results from implementing the software. A comprehensive guide to the Microsoft Office 365 license types is necessary to be able to use their software in the most efficient, cost-effective way for your company.

Important Effects of Microsoft 365 for Businesses

The use of Microsoft Office 365 for businesses is powerful in every aspect of work, from individuals to the company as a whole. With a plethora of applications and features, it dramatically improves the productivity and collaboration of users. Access to apps and features differ between Microsoft Office 365 licenses, but all have basic access to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

A subscription to any of Microsoft’s business plans is practical no matter which one you choose, but there are ideal plans that produce the most beneficial results. This software gives organisations the tools they need to conduct business, grow, and increase revenue efficiently. The implementation of Office 365 enhances the following areas:

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Accessibility and Remote/Hybrid Teams
  • Seamless Integration of Apps and Files
  • Business Impact and Reach
  • Easy File Sharing
  • Data Management and Security
  • User-Friendly Interfaces
  • Compatibility With Various Platforms (Android, Mac/IOS, & Windows)

Incredible features make working more accessible, especially hybrid or remote working. The vast growth of people working out of the office has continued even after the initial move at the start of the COVID pandemic, facing employers with the challenge of making data and responsibilities available remotely. Office 365 licenses provide the structure needed to make this possible while remaining efficient and secure.

Applications like Word and Excel make creating essential documents and spreadsheets easy. Furthermore, the seamless integration of applications enables users to share files across multiple apps and with collaborators. Teams are able to manage projects at the same time from anywhere with an internet connection.

The applications simplify many processes and tasks with user-friendly features. Some do not require any experience. For example, Microsoft’s Sway app allows users to do graphic design, even if that is something they have never done before. The seamless integration of applications makes data and files accessible across all Microsoft Office 365 applications making collaboration between teams much more effortless.

Communication and meetings have also never been easier with features that clearly show individual calendars for improved scheduling and communication. These aspects have significantly increased the accessibility of the workplace to those with disabilities or limitations that make commuting or working in an office environment challenging.

Microsoft Office 365 software and applications are compatible with various platforms and devices. They are accessible whether your business or employees use computers or devices with Android, IOS, Mac, or Windows. Utilising this software gives companies a competitive advantage no matter the industry or size, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans

Many Microsoft Office 365 license types are available for different intended uses, such as personal, family, education, and business. For our purposes, the latter is the focus of this guide. Many options available to companies differ in included applications, how many devices can download them, how many users are allowed, and storage capacities.

Payment for subscription plans is calculated per user per month and annually. Annual commitments come with automatic renewal each year.

When determining which Office 365 licensing plan best suits your company’s needs, it is important to base it on individual employees and their daily responsibilities because this product is user-centric. Not all employees have the same tasks, so they do not need the same applications. It is cost-effective to only pay for essential features.

Business Basic Plan

  • Allows up to 300 users
  • 1TB of cloud storage per user
  • Email hosting with 50GB mailbox & custom domain address
  • Access to updates
  • Allows video conferencing with up to 250 people
  • Applications: Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, & Yammer
  • Web versions of Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, & Word (no desktop versions)
  •  4.50/$5 per user per month

Business Standard Plan

  • One license for 5 PCs plus five tablets & 5 phones per user
  • Allows up to 300 users
  • 1TB of cloud storage per user
  • Access to updates
  • Desktop versions of Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, & Word
  • Web versions of Excel, PowerPoint, & Word
  • 9.40/$12.50 per user per month

Business Premium Plan

  • For 5 PCs plus 5 tablets & 5 phones per user
  • Allows up to 300 users
  • 1TB of cloud storage per user
  • Email hosting with 50GB mailbox & custom domain address
  • Access to updates
  • Desktop versions of Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, & Word
  • Access to Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, & Yammer
  • Web versions of Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, & Word
  • 16.60/$22 per user per month

Business Applications

  • For 5 PCs plus five tablets & 5 phones per user
  • Allows up to 300 users
  • 1TB of cloud storage per user
  • Access to updates
  • Web versions of Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, & Word
  • 7.90/$8.25 per user per month

Office 365 Enterprise Plans

For organisations that are larger than 300 users, there are Office 365 licenses for enterprise plans. These plans have advanced capabilities that make them ideal for organisations in industries with strict regulations like finance and healthcare.

Seven Office 365 license types for enterprises offer most of the same features as the business plans but have fundamental differences. The main difference is the ability to host an unlimited number of users. However, companies with under 300 users in heavily regulated industries often choose these plans.

The Office 365 license types for enterprise plans are Basic, Standard, Premium, and Application packages. Their pricing is 4.15/$5, 6.84/$8.25, 10.37/$12.50, and 16.59/$20 per user per month, and they are annual commitments that renew each year. Additional features of the enterprise plans include:

  • Unlimited OneDrive Storage
  • Analytics Tools
  • Allows for unlimited users
  • Video conferencing with 250-10,000 users
  • Use of communication applications
  • (Skype/Teams) as a phone system
  • Phone numbers for dial-in meetings
  • Custom retention policies
  • Data loss prevention
  • Advanced search & legal hold abilities
  • Advanced threat & information protection
  • Advanced data privacy agreements

Microsoft 365 Benefits for Businesses

The comprehensive effects of utilising Microsoft Office 365 licensing are undeniable, from an enhanced organisation, collaboration, and accessibility to decreased expenses and downtime. But two areas are significantly affected – revenue and productivity. Simple integrations and centralised databases make completing tasks and projects more manageable than ever, which is excellent for increased return on investment (ROI) and the growth of a business.

Effects on Revenue

The effects of Office 365 on a company’s revenue are a compelling reason to use this software. Implementing it is financially beneficial because the features improve productivity, decreasing the time needed for tasks and expenses. However, to be the most cost-effective and reduce overhead costs, careful selection of subscription plans is necessary.

This product is user-centric, meaning that the relevance of each application varies between employees. When purchasing a subscription plan, the pricing is per user, so to be cost-effective, you should base the strategy you choose on the department and the responsibilities of the employee(s) using the plan.

Various services are combined into a single subscription, reducing costs and the need for multiple services. Office 365 plans provide businesses with a cost-effective all-in-one solution for security, data management, infrastructure management, and communication methods.

Effects on Productivity

The most significant impact of Microsoft Office 365 software is on the productivity levels of the company and individual employees. This software enables companies to work faster and more efficiently with a collection of the latest applications, services, and technologies. Their organisation and visibility allow users to prioritise tasks easily, move between apps without losing track of data, and collaborate with coworkers.

Microsoft Office 365 applications allow for better collaboration by improving communication methods and accessibility. Using these applications enables multiple users to contribute to projects simultaneously and review and approve documents, all in a secure online environment.

The availability of these features via cloud-based systems makes working from almost anywhere feasible. It is great for organisations with remote teams or employees that travel a lot for business. The overall accessibility to applications and company data improves productivity by reducing downtime and increasing efficiency, making your employees’ lives easier. When systems work more efficiently, productivity increases because employees are less frustrated or overwhelmed.

Common Updates to Microsoft 365

As with any technology, Microsoft Office 365 frequently updates its applications to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of technology and maintain effective security standards. Microsoft makes regular updates to add new features, fix bugs that impede efficiency, and make security fixes & updates. 

For subscribers, these updates are more frequent, which is advantageous because they have access to the newest features and improvements that make things work better. It is essential for businesses that depend on the latest software and must follow strict industry security and privacy regulations.

Another advantage is that these updates are automatic and free. As a result, it makes everyone’s life easier and benefits productivity since there are no problematic, time-consuming instalments that require human intervention.

Microsoft 365 for Businesses

The addition of Microsoft software is crucial for maintaining a competitive business in today’s continually advancing environment. Companies that reject technology are getting left behind as more and more daily tasks and services become available online. Consumers want what offers the least resistance and the most convenience things that technology easily provides.

For businesses, as more and more significant functions are rapidly becoming more advanced, tools like Microsoft 365 are essential. The emergence of cloud-based software continues to grow as workers look for remote jobs, especially after a global pandemic that forced companies to be able to run remotely.

Microsoft software provides businesses with the structures needed for a competitive edge through increased productivity and efficiency. Additionally, compliance with industry regulations and standards is easy with correctly understanding which features best suit your needs.

Managed IT providers are a vital resource when determining which of the Office 365 license types is most compatible with your business. At Optimise IT, we offer software consultancy, staff training, and IT support experts that help you get the most benefits from software like Microsoft Office. Check out more about our services and why we are a preferred partner for companies in all industries here!

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