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What are IT Support Companies?

Companies rely on tech for everything from sending emails and running meetings to protecting sensitive data and performing essential business functions. However, this same tech that powers your business can run into problems and without proper support, you can be left high and dry.

The solution, thankfully, is simple. It lies in the services of an IT support company. However, what is an IT support company, and how do they help? We’re going to take a quick look at what IT support companies are, what they do, the benefits of their services and how to find the right one for you.

What is an IT Support Company?

An IT support company is a business that specialises in providing technological guidance, management and support to other companies. They’re also referred to sometimes as MSPs (managed service providers).

They employ teams of dedicated, expert IT professionals armed with the latest knowledge and tools of the trade and with direct access to a range of hardware and software suppliers. Thanks to a larger staff, they also have a well of expertise to draw on from a range of backgrounds, giving complete coverage of different skill sets.

IT support companies will act as your dedicated IT team, taking care of all digital needs you have, and saving you from paying out for an in-house IT team.

What Services Do IT Support Companies Offer?

IT support providers will offer a complete suite of services, making them a turnkey, one-stop-shop for all kinds of IT solutions. At Optimising IT, we offer:

  • Tech Support Enjoy remote or onsite tech support whenever you need it, helping you resolve and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Cloud Services Cloud solutions offer flexible new ways for businesses to operate but integrating them and keeping them operational can be a challenge on your own. We can set up cloud services for your business and support you every step of the way.
  • Cyber Security Digital attacks are growing in number and complexity. We can keep your business safe and operational with advanced cyber security services including 24/7 threat monitoring.
  • Managed IT Support Our managed IT support services are the gold standard. With a managed service agreement, you’ll have access to all our services and the best our team has to offer. We’ll act as your expert, dedicated IT department, here for you whenever you need us.

Benefits of Working with an IT Support Provider

When compared with an in-house team, working with an IT support provider offers a host of perks.


Sourcing, hiring, onboarding and developing in-house talent takes time and a lot of cash. Why not work with a provider that’s already done all the leg work and covered all the expenses for you? An outsourced IT company will give you access to top-tier talent and hardware with none of the hassle and at a fraction of the costs.


In-house teams, no matter how skilled, are limited by their capacities. Without the backing of a larger team, their range of services will be inherently limited. Outsourced IT providers can offer a much broader selection, meaning you can source more assistance from one place and tap into a greater wealth of expertise.


With an outsourced provider, you can access the very best services and personnel at a much lower cost than hiring and building an internal team and equipping them with all the expensive tools of the trade.


Thanks to their greater capacity, outsourced support providers can almost always resolve issues faster, as well as implement solutions to prevent recurrences in the future. This means less downtime, less frustration and better value for money.


As you grow, so will your IT needs. With an outsourced IT service provider, scaling your support is easy. Their large, capable teams can quickly flex to your new requirements and ensure you maintain the best level of support at all growth stages.

How to Find the Best IT Support Company

However, getting IT support isn’t as easy as just signing up with the first company you find. It’s important to take your time and find the right provider for you. But what should you look for?

  • Client reviews and testimonials – This seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth spending some time sifting through any reviews and testimonials you can find. It’s best to find reviews hosted on third-party websites if possible, but don’t rule out any featured on the MSP’s own site. As well as looking for glowing recommendations, pay attention to detail such as what services the reviewer is talking about. If someone’s left a good review for the specific services you’re looking for, that’s a good sign.
  • Case studies – Read through a potential provider’s case studies and examine the kind of work they’ve done previously and the results they were able to achieve for their clients. Not only will this indicate the quality of service you’re likely to receive but you can also look for examples of work specifically relevant to your needs.
  • Location – Where possible, you should always seek to work with an IT support provider that’s relatively local to you. While many issues can be resolved remotely, some will require onsite support. Additionally, working with a partner that understands the business landscape and unique challenges of your area can be beneficial.
  • This is a simple but important question: are they offering what you need? It can be easy to get wrapped up in flashy marketing and tall promises, but it’s crucial to check that your potential MSP offers what you’re looking for and that they have experience in doing so.
  • Flexibility – As your business grows, your IT needs will grow and evolve too. It’s important to work with an MSP that can offer consistent support at each stage of your growth journey.


At Optimising IT, we specialise in offering outstanding, expert IT support, helping to transform the way they work and streamline their growth.

With a wealth of experience and an expansive service offering, we’re poised to act as your turnkey outsourced IT provider, keeping you safe, operational and efficient. To learn more about how we can help your business, just reach out to our expert team using our contact form, by calling us on 01242 504614 or by emailing [email protected].

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