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What are IT Support Companies, and What Do They Do Exactly?

Businesses of all sizes depend on technology for all of their day-to-day operations. Companies rely on tech for everything from sending emails and running meetings to protecting sensitive data and performing essential business functions. But, a company cannot operate its best without a robust IT infrastructure. But for many small businesses, supporting an in-house IT staff may be beyond their reach. Thankfully, there’s a cost-effective solution to getting the tech support you need to flourish: working with an IT services provider. But what is an IT support company, and how can they help your organization? Keep reading to learn more about what IT support companies do, the benefits of working with one, and how you can find the best service provider for your business.

What is an IT Support Company in Bristol?

An IT support company is a type of business that provides technological guidance, management, and support to other companies. These companies are also sometimes referred to as managed service providers or MSPs. Professional IT specialists staff these companies to provide quality tech support to businesses in various industries. Each IT technician may have their own area of expertise, but the whole team will have expert knowledge on computer systems, cloud computing, IT networks, hardware and software, and more. 

IT support companies in Bristol have two primary uses: fixing immediate IT issues and implementing preventive measures to prevent future problems. IT companies offer a wide variety of services to provide this sort of support to other organizations. They may provide desktop support or project management and delivery to resolve current issues. Services like cyber security management, cloud backup maintenance, and consultancy can help businesses avoid future tech issues.

Customers can choose which services they want to use to best support their IT operations. They may choose to outsource all IT operations to a managed service provider in lieu of an in-house tech department. Or, they can co-source services by hiring an MSP to support an existing IT team and pick up the slack as needed. No matter your business’s unique needs, an IT support company can help.

What Services Do IT Support Companies in Bristol Offer?

Anything an in-house IT department can do, a managed service provider can do too. IT support companies typically offer a wide range of services so they can become a one-stop-shop for their clients’ every need. From consultancy to managed support and everything in between, an MSP can accommodate most tech projects. Here are a few of the most common IT services a support provider may offer.

Tech Support

With managed IT services, companies can enjoy top-quality technical support. Skilful technicians are available to troubleshoot problems and resolve them quickly. Tech support may be provided remotely via phone or email or during a site visit for more complex issues. MSPs often provide support faster and more effectively than IT support lines.

Cloud Services

More and more businesses these days are switching their data storage and software hosting platforms to the cloud. But managing these services may be beyond the capabilities of a small in-house tech team. An IT support company can provide fully managed cloud services to help SMBs take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud. They can provide access to and recommendations on cloud-based business tools, perform regular cloud backups and manage all cloud services.

Fully Managed Cyber Security

Cyber threats lurk everywhere, but many smaller businesses lack the resources to protect themselves adequately. You won’t have to worry about malware attacks or data breaches anymore with fully managed cyber security services. An MSP can take full responsibility for assessing your current security levels, implementing essential security measures, and monitoring your systems 24/7. Some companies may also offer compliance checks to ensure your data security measures meet all industry-wide regulations. 

Comprehensive Services from Optimizing IT

At Optimizing IT, we offer all of the services listed above and so much more! Our customers can choose from support services like:

  • Managed IT services, including desktop support, managed procurement, infrastructure support, and more
  • IT Consultancy in areas like business intelligence, data privacy, strategy, and more
  • Cloud backup, hosting, and email signature services
  • Cyber security services, including audits, training, and fully managed cyber security protection
  • Microsoft 365 licensing, security, and management
  • G Cloud services like cloud hosting, tech support, cyber security, and Microsft 365 optimization

Benefits of Working with an IT Support Provider

There are many reasons to consider working with an external IT support provider over an in-house tech team. Here are a few of the best benefits a managed services provider can offer. 

Work with an Experienced Team

You don’t have to worry about trying to recruit and hire top tech talent or training new hires on your unique systems. Your MSP technicians are already available and equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to manage your IT support fully. Plus, you’ll have greater access to experienced professionals and specialized expertise that may have otherwise been unavailable to you. This translates to better-maintained systems, fewer issues, and less downtime for your company. 

Wide Range of Services

MSPs provide a large selection of offerings that are designed to fulfil a variety of technical needs. With in-house IT technicians, the tasks and projects they can complete are limited by their skills and experience. For specialized projects, you may need to outsource the work anyway. Since IT support companies are run by experts with basic technical knowledge and unique specialities, they can offer a variety of helpful services to assist your business with almost anything.


One of the most enticing benefits of outsourcing IT services to a local company is the cost savings. It allows your business to save on operational expenses like hiring, training, paying staff, maintaining an in-house system, etc. Plus, you’re getting a better value for your money too. With an MSP, you have access to highly skilled pros, and you’ll only pay for the services you need. 

Improved Efficiency

Managed service providers not only quickly troubleshoot issues as they arise but also manage and optimize your systems to prevent future problems. When your tech infrastructure is working more efficiently, it allows your staff to work more effectively. With the quick resolution of issues, limited downtime, and seamlessly-operating tech tools, your employees will be more productive and able to focus on their jobs without disruptions or distractions.


As your organization grows, your IT needs will change. You may need additional desktop support, assistance sourcing new hardware, or help coordinating a merger of different technical systems. Managed service providers have large teams that can quickly accommodate your new tech needs. They offer flexible services, too, which can make it easy to get exactly what you need. 

How to Find the Best IT Support Company

Though hiring an IT support company can be a smart business decision, not every MSP can provide the quality of support your business needs. It’s vital to take your time finding the best-managed service provider to ensure they’re able to meet your current needs and continue supporting your business for many years to come.

Here are a few of the most critical factors to look for, along with a couple of tips that will make hiring a whole lot simpler.

Essential Factors to Look for

There are plenty of managed service providers around, but the best share these crucial characteristics. 

  • Staffed by Skillful and Certified Professionals: A big part of what makes an MSP successful is the people who work for them. Without a knowledgeable and respectful staff, they wouldn’t be able to provide the services that your company needs. Our certified IT technicians and consultants have the experience, skills, and knowledge required to provide excellent service every time. 
  • Rapid Response Time: When it comes to daily tech support, a great MSP will be able to respond to and resolve most requests quickly. They should be able to provide a rapid response for both remote desktop support and on-site visits. At Optimizing IT, an average of 78% of issues are resolved during first contact, while nearly 100% are handled within two days. 
  • Varied Services: IT support companies should offer a range of different services to best support their customers and fulfil their every need. From troubleshooting problems to strategizing IT projects, your MSP should be able to help with all of your technology needs. We provide several IT services that can help your company thrive and grow.
  • Trustworthy and Accountable: MSPs handle many sensitive business data; you need to be sure you’re working with one you can trust. Open communication, transparent procedures, and advanced security can all go a long way to building trust. But even more so, accountability is key to trust. At Optimizing IT, we take a consultative approach to all of our services to understand your needs, build a strong relationship, and stay accountable to your goals. 
  • Flexible: From the types of services offered to the methods they provide those services, an IT company should remain flexible. They should be able to tailor their services to suit your requirements, whether you’re looking for outsourcing or co-sourcing, on-site assistance, or remote help. We offer flexible service models that can be tailored to your current requirements and scaled quickly as your needs change.
  • Excellent Reputation: A great IT support company will have a long history of happy clients and a reputation for being knowledgable and reliable. With an average customer satisfaction score of 98.8%, you can rest assured that your IT services will be in good hands with Optimizing IT.

MSP Hiring Tips

You should have a better idea of what to look for when choosing an IT support company in Bristol. Use these helpful tips to select the right MSP and simplify the hiring process.

  1. Read testimonials and case studies. Reviewing the first-hand experiences of past clients is a great way to learn more about how the MSP operates. Case studies can also provide an inside look at the benefits of using their services. 
  2. Choose a local service provider. Though many IT support companies serve clients globally, we recommend working with a local service provider in the UK. Local firms can provide better service and faster response times for on-site support, which can be essential for complete managed support.
  3. Ensure their services align with your needs. Before you even begin searching for IT companies, you should have a clear idea of what services you need and what you’re hoping to achieve. Once you know what you’re looking for, check out the services offered and make to ensure the MSP can fulfil your tech needs. If you’re still unsure which services would be the most beneficial, contact the IT company for an audit and listen to their expert recommendations– just beware that they’re not trying to upsell you.
  4. Ask plenty of questions. If you need more clarification on a service or how the IT company operates, don’t be afraid to ask questions—gaining as much information as possible before hiring can help you decide what’s best for your company. 
  5. Get into the specifics. While checking out a company’s offerings online can help point you in the right direction, you’ll need to get into the nitty-gritty details to make the right choice. Do they have experience working with your company’s specific software and hardware? Exactly what can you expect from each service? Is there pricing model clear? Delve deep so you have all the info you need to make your choice. 

Are you ready to transition your IT support to a managed service provider? Reach out to us at Optimizing IT to learn more about what we can do to support your business..

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