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What Are Managed IT Support Services?

Technology is an integral part of every business these days. But despite its necessity, many companies’ IT needs are not being met by their existing support teams. This is where a managed service provider can help. These services allow a company to outsource part or all of their IT support and management to simplify operations and ensure all their tech needs are met with expert care. Could your business benefit from managed support services? Read on to learn more about managed IT support, the many services available, and how to decide if IT-managed support services are right for your business.

What Is Managed IT Support?

Simply put, managed IT support is a third-party service that offers technical support and management to professional organisations. The third-party providing this service is an MSP or managed service provider. These companies offer a wide range of services to help businesses with all of their IT needs, from fixing minor issues to upgrading and optimising whole systems.

Companies often hire MSPs to lighten the workload for their in-house tech teams or supplement IT services. Working with an MSP can have a lot of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It can grant an organisation access to expert IT knowledge whenever needed. Managed IT support can also help a company save money, improve productivity, and continue to grow. 

What Managed IT Support Services Does Optimising IT Offer?

Optimising IT provides an exhaustive selection of managed IT services. Whether you need total managed IT services or are looking for a way to support your existing IT support, our full-service solutions will do just the trick. Our responsive team of experts is here to help with all of your organisation’s tech support needs.

IT Desktop Support

The days of waiting endlessly on hold for tech support are over. With Optimising IT, your staff can rest easy knowing the solution to their IT problem is just a quick call or email away. We resolve 78% of IT issues during the first conservation. All issues are solved quickly and efficiently, so disruptions- and frustrations- are kept to a minimum. 

On-site IT Support

Not every issue can be solved remotely. For problems that require a more hands-on approach, we offer routine on-site maintenance and on-demand site visits. Our skilled field engineers are also available ad hoc for unique situations, like new hardware installation or office relocation. 

Network and Infrastructure Support

At Optimising IT, we also offer system infrastructure and network support. Poor system management can decrease performance and open up your network to potential threats, which can result in business downtime and data loss. To avoid issues like these, we can assess your current network infrastructure, provide suggestions for improvements, consistently monitor and review the system, and ensure it continues to work efficiently.

IT Service Transition Support

Though it may be the best move for your company, switching to a new MSP can be a challenging and stressful process. We’ll work with you to ensure the transition process is as seamless as possible. Our team will visit your office to get to know your staff and your tech set up so we can provide you with a personal launch plan to support your current needs and future goals.

Project Management and Delivery

From the ideation of your IT projects to the final delivery, our team will support your business through every step of the process. We use a collaborative approach to learn about your project objectives, craft an effective strategy, and provide the resources you need to keep your project on schedule.

Service Management

Service management from Optimising IT is complete managed IT support. Our pros will maintain your hardware, monitor your cybersecurity, offer training for your staff, provide expert tech recommendations, and so much more. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure your business has all the technical resources and support they need to thrive. 

Managed Procurement

Finding, purchasing, and implementing new software and hardware for your business can be a demanding process. Allow us to provide expert product recommendations to suit your growing business needs.

Co-Sourcing and Out-Sourcing

Optimising IT provides an array of flexible services. With co-sourcing, we can assist your existing IT team with any projects they don’t have the resources or expertise to handle. If you’re ready to take the plunge with an MSP, we also provide full-service outsourcing to take care of all your IT needs. 

Climate Conscious IT Support

Are you interested in reducing your company’s environmental impact? We can help! With climate-conscious IT, we can assist your organisation in offsetting your carbon emissions and giving back to your community as a part of your IT services. 

Benefits of IT Managed Support Servies

Managed IT support services can be beneficial for all sorts of organisations, small or large, new or established. Here are a few of the advantages of working with an MSP:

  • Access to Expert Skills and Knowledge: In-house teams don’t always have the time, experience, or skills to handle every IT need that pops up. An MSP can help make up the difference and close any skills gap.
  • Lower Expenses: With an MSP, you only pay for the services you need. Plus, your business won’t need to pay for hiring, training, or maintaining IT professionals, which can cut costs further.
  • Greater Efficiency: MSPs work to proactively address IT issues, cutting downtime, optimising your systems, and limiting performance issues. With these services, your company can continue to work as efficiently as possible. 
  • More Reliable: Managed service providers are available whenever you need them. Unlike in-house teams who may have to juggle many responsibilities, their only goal is to support your tech needs- no matter what they are.

Is Managed IT Support Right for Your Company?

Hiring a managed service provider to take care of your company’s IT needs can have a lot of benefits. But, is it the right choice for your organisation? Read on to learn more about the other tech support options available and how they stack up against MSPs. 

Managed IT Services vs Traditional IT Support

Is managed IT support really that different from regular IT services? Though the two share many similarities, managed services typically provide a more hands-on and proactive approach. On the other hand, traditional IT support is more of a reactive service. If something stops working, the user will notify a traditional support team and wait for them to fix the issue. While MSPs help solve problems as they arise, too, they also take proactive steps to manage and monitor systems, preventing many problems and disruptions from occurring in the first place.

Traditional support can be provided in-house or outsourced. Because this type of support is more limited, it’s often used by organisations that don’t have complicated tech needs or whose systems don’t require a specialised skillset. Managed services are offered by a third party and can be outsourced or co-sourced to work in unison with a business’s existing tech team. MSPs are ideal for growing companies that rely heavily on technology and those that prefer to use their in-house resources on growth and innovation instead of management. 

In-House Services or Outsourcing?

There are pros and cons to both outsourcing your IT and keeping it in-house. In-house IT services are fully managed by your company. The team can be as large or small as your business needs and will likely have a more intimate view of how your organisation runs. While this can be beneficial, it can also pose challenges when your business needs to scale. New or more complex projects can threaten to overwhelm the staff, causing downtime and decreased productivity.

On the other hand, outsourcing can allow your company to quickly scale their tech support as needed. Outsourced services also generally have access to a larger pool of more knowledgeable professionals. No matter how obscure or complicated your IT issue is, someone on the outsourced staff can help. However, it’s absolutely crucial to find the right MSP to work with, so you can ensure their talent and services suit your needs. 

Businesses also have the option of co-sourcing, which provides the best of both worlds. With co-sourcing, you can use a managed service provider to support your in-house IT department for projects they don’t have the time or resources to take care of. This option can help to keep costs low while still offering the flexibility and expertise your company needs for both day-to-day problems and extensive projects. 

How to Decide if your Business Needs an MSP

With the many managed IT support services available and the advantages over traditional IT support and in-house services, it’s easy to see why so many businesses choose to work with MSPs. But is transferring your IT services the smartest move for your company? Following these steps can help you make the wisest choice.

  1. Assess your existing IT systems. Are your IT systems meeting your business’ current needs? Take stock of your resources, the infrastructure that needs to be managed, and your budget. Are there any glaring issues or areas where your current IT team consistently falls short?
  2. Consider your company’s goals. Next, think about how your IT systems can help your organisation grow and achieve its goals, as well as how your tech support needs may change once you reach the next level. Will your existing IT support be able to scale with your business and keep up with its changing demands?
  3. Request a systems audit, analysis, and review. If your existing IT services cannot support your current needs or future growth plans, it may be time to search for a managed service provider. Reach out to a few MSPs in your area and request audits from your top choices. This can provide vital information on how the MSP can support your company and whether or not they have the expertise and resources to do the job well.

Qualities to Look for in a Managed IT Support Provider

Are you ready to begin looking for a new managed services provider? These are some of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing.

  • Trustworthiness: Every good working relationship is built on trust; your MSP is no different. Our team at Optimising IT works to build trust with our transparent and honest support. We always take a consultative approach, taking the time to understand and respect your needs in order to provide the best tech solutions. 
  • Expertise: An MSP should have a level of experience and knowledge beyond what is available with an in-house team. When you work with Optimising IT, you’ll have access to over 100 years of combined industry experience with our skilled staff. Our organisation is also ISO27001, and Cyber Essentials Plus certified.
  • Reliability: You should be able to depend on an MSP to provide the support your organisation needs to thrive. We resolve 78% of IT problems on the first call, reducing downtime and stress. Our team sets high standards and is committed to providing impactful results. 
  • Responsiveness: A quality managed service provider should be able to handle issues as they arise quickly and efficiently. At Optimising IT, we provide remote and on-site support with a rapid response time for our customers from 8:00 to 17:30 Monday through Friday. For companies that operate outside of regular business hours or need extra help, we provide flexible options to offer the IT services you need.
  • Security: Any third party with access to your company’s data and technology must have robust security measures in place. Optimising IT is committed to keeping your data secure and your technology functional with our comprehensive services and proactive monitoring systems.
  • Flexible Services and Pricing: Every business’s IT needs are different. Good MSPs will offer a variety of services so you can find the perfect solution for your tech needs and company budget. From remote outsourcing to on-site visits and co-sourced teams, we offer a range of flexible services that align with your needs.

At Optimising IT, we are committed to working with you to provide the managed IT support your company needs. Reach out to us to learn more about our managed IT services and how you can get a free systems audit today!

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