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What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

To remain competitive in today’s business landscape, companies need strong tech systems. A solid infrastructure can support your organisation, give your staff the tools they need to be productive, and help your company grow. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to improve your company’s technologies while keeping costs and stressors low. Managed service providers are the answer. These third-party organisations work to support a company’s every IT need, no matter how large. But what is a managed service provider? Keep reading to learn more about managed service providers, what they do, and how they can help your business thrive and flourish.

What Is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider, or MSP, is a third-party company that offers managed IT services to other businesses. They take responsibility for an organisation’s IT infrastructure by maintaining and running their tech networks and offering on-demand tech support. MSPs perform many different functions. They may provide fully-managed IT support or a variety of more narrow offerings, like cloud backups, cyber security services, and IT consultancy. An excellent service provider will work with your organisation to analyse your existing IT infrastructure and recommend the most beneficial offerings.

Companies of all sizes work with MSPs, but the service is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. Generally, smaller organisations don’t have the means to support a sizeable in-house tech team, limiting their present capabilities and future growth. Partnering with an MSP can give these companies high-quality IT support at an affordable price. Large companies also work with managed service providers, often in union with an in-house IT team. This is referred to as co-sourcing, in which a managed service provider works to fill the gaps in the existing IT department when their current projects and tasks exceed their capabilities. 

What Kind of Services Do MSPs Offer?

Managed service providers offer a vast range of IT services designed to suit their clients’ every need. They can provide solutions to various issues facing your tech networks. You can choose the specific services you want the MSP to manage to tailor the experience to your unique needs. At Optimising IT, we offer various fully-managed and one-off IT services performed by our award-winning and certified IT experts. Learn more about our industry-leading IT services below.

Managed IT Services

We offer various managed IT services to handle the day-to-day maintenance and operation of your tech networks and infrastructure. Our team is packed with experienced and knowledgeable experts who are here to support your every IT need. Our managed IT services include:

  • Desktop support and on-site visits
  • IT service transition support
  • Network and infrastructure support
  • Project management and delivery
  • Service management and reporting
  • Managed procurement
  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing
  • Climate conscious IT services

Microsoft 365

Optimising IT is a fully certified Microsoft Gold Partner, allowing us to provide our customers with access to award-winning and cost-effective Microsoft 365 solutions. We can manage every part of your Microsoft business integration, from introducing or migrating services to optimising and maintaining them. With our Microsoft 365 services, we can help your company with licensing and security. We also support and manage Microsoft Modern Desktop and Microsoft Teams.

IT Consultancy

When it comes to solving IT problems or making big decisions, it can be challenging to know the right move. IT consulting can help. You can receive personalised guidance from a qualified expert who can help assess your current issue and help carve the right path forward. We offer consulting services in a range of IT areas, like:

  • IT strategy
  • Data privacy
  • IT due diligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Business software
  • Information security management
  • Technology review

Cyber Security

Cybercrime threatens every business in our increasingly online world. If you don’t prioritize cyber security, your company could pay the price with data loss, downtime, hefty fines, and reputational damage. To best protect your sensitive data, you can choose from a selection of full-service or specialised cyber security offerings. We offer:

  • Fully managed cyber security protection
  • Cyber security compliance certifications
  • Cyber penetration testing
  • Cyber security auditing
  • Training and workshops for businesses and employees
  • Security consultancy

Cloud Services

Take your small business to the cloud and unlock your full potential. With cloud technology, you can modernise your approach to IT and make your whole system more flexible. Cloud services are ideal for businesses with remote employees and those looking for an easily scalable system. Our experts can provide a range of custom-tailored cloud services for your company, including backups, hosting, and email signature hosting. 

G Cloud Services

Optimising IT is an approved G-Cloud 12 Crown Commercial Services framework provider. Our skilled technicians specialise in this framework, allowing us to provide the highest level of support. Our managed G Cloud services are designed for use by organisations in the UK public sector and non-departmental public bodies. We can help develop IT system architecture, craft a comprehensive tech strategy, and provide essential support services. Some of our G Cloud services include:

  • Tech support
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cyber security services and training
  • Microsoft 365 and Office integration 
  • IT consultancy

Benefits of Working with a Managed Service Provider

In addition to the wide range of services available, managed service providers can benefit your company in more than a few crucial ways. Below are just a few of the incredible advantages you can expect when partnering with a high-quality and reliable MSP. 

High-Level, Specialised Expertise

Managed service providers in the UK are staffed by certified professionals with long histories in the industry and a high level of expertise. Many of these technicians have specialised areas of expertise, whether a particular software or IT service. When working with an MSP, you can access the collective knowledge of the entire team. It allows them to provide you with expert-level guidance and high-quality support no matter how serious the problem or complex the project.

Reduced Costs

Many businesses enjoy working with managed service providers because of the cost savings. Often, their services are less expensive than the comparable costs of hiring, training, and staffing a full in-house team. The IT services are more comprehensive, and the staff has greater specialised knowledge, providing more bang for your buck. An MSP can also help optimise your IT infrastructure to reduce operating costs and find the best tools for your budget. Service providers also offer fully customisable service options, so you only pay for the services you use, making it easier to stay on budget while still fulfilling your IT needs.

Proactive Approach

Managed service providers take a proactive approach to managing and maintaining your IT systems. Most smaller in-house teams use a break/fix method, which involves addressing issues as they arise. While MSPs can help tackle problems when they pop up, they work to optimise your IT infrastructure to prevent the issues from appearing in the first place. This sort of proactive approach to IT support ensures that your tech systems remain functional, preventing downtime and boosting productivity.

Flexible Services

The sheer number of services an MSP can provide is often enough to tempt many businesses. In addition to the variety of services available, managed service providers also offer a lot of flexibility and customisation. You can fully outsource your entire IT department, co-sourced services for additional support, or cherry-pick services for one-time projects. A good MSP will get to know your business inside and out so they can tailor their services to meet your needs. With this level of flexibility and personalisation, you can get exactly what you need.


Over time, your IT needs will change as your business evolves and grows. It would be best if you had an IT team that could keep up with your changing needs. Managed service providers are equipped to quickly scale up IT operations to accommodate your business and prevent any downtime. They can provide extra support as needed, find the right tech tools with managed procurement, and even help manage the technical integrations during mergers and acquisitions.


Working with a managed service provider also provides a level of convenience. You don’t have to worry about staffing or managing an in-house IT team, dealing with technical issues, or protecting your sensitive company data. Instead, you can leave the work up to the trusted professionals. This third-party agency’s only goal is to support your technical needs and manage your IT infrastructure. Sit back and let them work while you focus on running and growing your business.

When Should You Think About Partnering with an MSP?

Is now the right time to partner with a managed IT services provider? Whether you want to outsource your whole IT department or co-sourced services to complement your existing team, there are a few signs that indicate it may be time to hire an MSP. Here are a few situations when you should consider searching for a managed services provider:

  • Your in-house team needs to focus on critical long-term projects, like strategic changes and business development. 
  • Your business has grown rapidly, and you need additional troubleshooting support, cyber security services, and more. 
  • You’re planning to migrate your systems to the cloud in the near future.
  • You have remote employees or plan to soon.
  • You want to reduce IT costs while still receiving the best value for your expense. 
  • Your current IT needs extend beyond what your employees can provide.

Considerations When Comparing IT Managed Services Providers

Are you ready to start searching for a qualified managed IT services provider? Finding the right provider to work with is essential for the success of your partnership and the future of your tech infrastructure. Here are a few of the most important factors to review when searching for a trustworthy partner. 

  • Available Services: 

Managed service providers typically have a range of services. When you find an MSP you like, first, look at the services they offer. Make sure the services they provide will suit all of your IT needs.

  • Expertise: 

The right MSP will be staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals with a high level of knowledge. They should know how to handle any issue you throw at them and be able to resolve it quickly. At Optimising IT, our experts have more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry.

  • Reputation: 

Look for a managed service provider with a reputation for providing excellent service. They should have a long history of happy customers, positive reviews, and case studies supporting their positive results. You can read some reviews and case studies here

  • Customer Service: 

Good customer service is essential for an MSP. They’ll be working with your staff day in and day out, communicating with them regularly. The technicians should be friendly, reliable, and capable of explaining complex technical concepts in easy-to-understand terms. With exemplary customer service, you can build a strong relationship and continue working together for years to come. We take a consultative approach to all of our services at Optimising IT to get to know your company and provide the best service possible. 

  • Location: 

Though MSPs can work remotely, it’s often better to partner with a company that operates in your area. A local UK-based service provider can offer rapid on-site support as needed. Plus, they’re more likely to know about the data security regulations that impact your business.

  • Cost: 

You should also consider the cost of services. When you receive a contract from the service provider, read it over carefully so you understand precisely what you’re paying for and what to expect before committing. 

Working with a managed service provider can take your business to the next level. Contact us at Optimising IT to learn how partnering with an MSP can benefit your organisation.

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