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Why a 365 license is desirable

Why Is a 365 License So Desirable and How It Can Increase Business Productivity

Managing a business has never been easy but add in the new landscape of remote and digital work, and you have the perfect storm. Office 365 support can help your business manage multiple tasks through one solution. The number of challenges most organisations face today is vast, but the most common pain point is the lack of productivity. With a 365 license, you can ensure there are several available resources to your staff. 

Let’s take a look at what makes Office 365 solutions so desirable and how they can help you increase your business’s productivity. 

Get the Tools You Need in One Place With Office 365 Solutions 

With Office 365 support, your business has the tools you need to achieve rapid and sustainable growth. With a 365 license, you can enjoy the following tools: 

  • Office suite

This compiles some of the best Microsoft applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype for Business, and OneNote.

  • Exchange Online

This will include your email and calendar.

  • SharePoint

An online web portal for your business to store, share and collaborate on documents within different teams

  • Yammer

This is your one-stop shop for company social networking

  • OneDrive

A cloud file storage solution for your business

  • Power BI

A business intelligence tool that will provide you with new insights to make smart decisions

Keep in mind that these six tools are all a part of a 365 license. Even just one of these powerful tools is enough to improve your productivity tenfold. However, when combined, you will become a powerhouse of productivity. 

Access Your Office Anywhere, Anytime

Remote work has opened so many doors for people in the working world. Today, anyone can work for any company from anywhere, thanks to remote accessing software and tools. If your business is considering remote options, you should consider a 365 license. 

With Office 365 support, you can access your office anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the move or in the office, Office 365 allows you to connect to your office anywhere. This mobile cloud-based system will enable you to access your files, emails, and other Office programmes from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, wherever those may be. With the 365 license, you’ll be able to edit documents, send emails, and share project details with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. As the workplace continues to evolve, 365 support is more important than ever for establishing future success. 

Enjoy Cross Collaboration 

Because Office access is made available to anyone as part of your 365 license, you can enjoy cross-collaboration. Check out some of Microsoft’s cross-collaboration tools to help you grow. 

Microsoft Teams is your business’s hub for collaboration. You can carry out your daily huddles and department meetings by featuring calling features, file sharing and storage, and instant messenger. They will also ensure you can complete one-on-ones with colleagues in any department, at any time, anywhere, so long as you use your 365 solutions. 

The next incredible collaboration tool provided by Office 365 support is SharePoint. This is your one-stop shop for sharing documents with colleagues. Within SharePoint, you can store any files you want to share with the rest of your organisation. This is great for sharing brand guidelines, process templates or the latest updates on your team’s projects. With a 365 license, your team can edit, mark, change, or note any updates on documents without throwing a wrench in any of your plans. 

Finally, some updates to the classic Word, Excel and PowerPoint feature real-time editing capabilities so that your other staff members, external contractors, and partners can access documents. Sounds pretty sweet, right? 

A 365 License Keeps Your Data Safe

For many people, storing data in the cloud makes them feel unsure. However, Office 365 support is designed to keep your data safe. The features in a 365 license benefit your business, data, employee data, and partners’ info. Some of the security features include: 

  • Message Encryption

Message Encryption enables you to send encrypted emails that will not allow anyone other than the recipient to open them. This is ideal for businesses of all types, especially those who regularly work with contractors. 

  • Advanced Threat Analytics

Identify any suspicious activity in real time. Reduce your risk of any damage with this safety feature. Quickly detect any threats, reduce false positive fatigue and easily plan your next steps to protect your business from any suspicious activity.

  • Mobile Device Management

Manage Office 365 on your employees’ mobile devices. Within this feature, you can manage device security policies, view device reports, and remotely wipe a device if it’s ever stolen.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent any sensitive information from leaving your organisation. DLP will help you identify, monitor, and protect any sensitive data in your Office 365. When DLP is enabled, it will scan for sensitive information, e.g. credit card details, passport information, or social security numbers.

Flexible Software That Fits Your Needs

With Office 365 support, you can enjoy a variety of plans available that suit your business needs. With a 365 license, you’ll have the flexibility to change your plans and users without much fuss. Thanks to their flexible working model, Office 365 solutions allow you to increase or decrease your licenses as required. Thanks to the straightforward, flexible nature of 365 support, you can scale your business easily with the help of Office 365 support. This software solution is designed to help you, not hinder your business. 

Learn More About Office 365 Support 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Optimising IT can help you find Office 365 solutions that fit your business needs. With 365 support, you can enjoy around-the-clock office access, remote collaboration capabilities, and data protection and storage. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s talk

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