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With modern business comes data, and as your business expands, so does your data. When this happens, storing data in on-site networks isn’t feasible. Cloud backup is the solution. Here is an introduction to cloud storage, how it works, and what it can do for your business.  

Cloud Backup Defined

Many confuse cloud storage with cloud backup, but they aren’t the same. Traditionally, it has been common for industries to use in-house Storage Area Networks for data and file management. As their data demands increase, these organisations have to transfer those files to external storage networks, which means more servers and infrastructure. That is a laborious process that is becoming very outmoded. Many of these industries are moving from cloud storage databases to cloud backup. 

If your industry is among those that still engage in these practices, then you need to consider other options for your data. That would be cloud backup, which is a much more efficient solution. With cloud backup, your data isn’t stored off-site; instead, it is stored virtually, and this virtual network is owned and maintained by cloud hosting providers. 

When you want to retrieve your data, it can be obtained through the internet or on a private network connection, much like with cloud storage. So instead of saving your business data and files in-house or off-site on storage networks that will eventually run out of space, instead you can transfer your data to the cloud for virtual storage with the help of business cloud services. If you’ve got more questions about this process, we’re going to discuss why this is a must for your business’s expenses, cyber security, and efficiency.   

How Cloud Backup Works

What is cloud backup, and why do you need it for your business? Well, it’s simple, cloud backup is a process and service that backs up and stores data and applications from your business’s servers onto a remote virtual server. So how does cloud backup work? It involves making copies of data and transferring it from a physical storage centre to a virtual storage system. A business cloud services provider can initiate this backup for you, providing you with the necessary virtual storage space and backup software. 

When the backup is done, subsequent backups are continuous and require no human intervention. Optimising IT is a UK cloud backup service that can do it if you’re ready to get your business data into virtual storage solutions. If you’re still uncertain whether this is what you need for your business, we will explain more about how cloud storage can benefit your business.

How Cloud Backup Benefits Your Business

A cloud backup in the UK doesn’t just save space; it has many other benefits that will help you increase your efficiency and keep your data secure. These are some of the many reasons your business should use business cloud services:

Reduces Downtime

The more data you have stored on-site, the slower your networks. If this continues, your company could experience downtime. When you backup your data virtually, instead of using storage networks, you’ll notice the difference in your business processes, and your data will be there whenever you need it. That reduces downtime, which can save your business money and keep your stress levels down. 

Recovery Strategy

Much of your revenue depends on your data and files, yet when they are on-site, they can be vulnerable to outages. That isn’t a problem when you store your data virtually, so no matter what’s occurring on-site, it’s protected from this, so you can retrieve your data and get your work done. 

Data Security

Cyber threats are a continuing issue for every industry. Because cloud backups use the most modern tech, they are much more secure than on-site storage networks. If your business does experience a cyber threat, our UK cloud backup can instantly restore your data, increasing your confidence and your customers. 

Less Stress for Your In-House IT Teams

When you use a cloud backup service, it eases some of the demands on your internal IT team. Since data backup and restoration happen virtually, they don’t have to spend time on backups and instead can work on other IT issues in your business which can increase productivity.  

Innovation and Expertise

When your organisation selects business cloud services from cloud hosting providers, you know you’re getting the most innovative technology and infrastructure. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about knowing the latest rules and requirements in compliance, as our UK cloud backup services team will keep you informed on the most recent changes in data privacy and provide staff training. 

How We Restore Your Data

A UK cloud backup server can assist you if your data needs to be restored. That’s because your information is continually updated to your provider’s cloud servers with our business cloud services, depending on your select update schedule. That is done via a software application supplied by UK cloud backup service providers. If your data needs to be restored, you can recover the entire backup or specify the files you need. That can be done from any location, so you never have to worry about retrieving your data. 

Why Cloud Backup is a Necessity for Your Business

Your business should use cloud backup for many reasons, including data security and recovery, increased efficiency, decreased stress, expert recovery strategy, and a definite in your business’s expertise and innovation. 

Optimising IT is the UK cloud backup service that can take care of your business needs when you’re ready to move your company data to the cloud. Our accredited, award-winning managed services teams can get you started and provide the support you need. So if you have questions about cloud backup services, contact our team, and we can help.

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