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Training Your Employees On Cyber Security

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With cyber threats becoming an increasingly common problem, it’s essential to have an informed and aware staff that knows how to identify and avoid phishing schemes, ransomware, and the like. A vital aspect of that awareness is cyber safety training for your employees and maintenance training as needed. If you’re not sure where to start with this, then you need cyber security services. This article defines cyber security and provides a few reasons UK cyber security companies are so crucial for your business. 

What is Cyber Security

Cyber security involves keeping networks, programs, and systems secure and protected from attacks and threats. These cyber-attacks involve sensitive company information and passwords, and they can cause disruption in the functioning of your business. Cyber security consulting services, like Optimising IT, can create a dynamic and effective defence against cybercrime by protecting your business’ computers, data and programs. Here, we provide some information on what is involved in this process.  


A thorough training plan can be considered the foundation of your business’s cyber protection. When your employees know what to search for and what to do when suspicious activity occurs, this increases your security and protects your data. Our cyber security training courses offer cyber essentials certification and workshops that keep your staff aware of the latest cyber threats and compliance requirements, informing them how to take a security-focused approach to business.


An essential component of cyber security is high-performance technology. If your business networks are using the most modern and innovative tech to keep your information secure, it is much more difficult for cybercriminals to get into your networks. A high-tech cyber security plan includes firewalls, malware and ransomware scanning, antivirus software, managed web filtering, email security, breach protection, and security monitoring to keep your data secure. Optimising IT’s accredited services offers the full range of these cyber security technologies. 

Plans and Processes  

With fully-managed cyber security services, you’ll feel secure knowing that we monitor your systems 24/7. That includes audits, cyber penetration testing, breach detection, security reviews and assessments, software and hardware configuration checks, and more.  

Why Cyber Security Training is Essential 

When you improve your security software, that helps to prevent cybercrime. However, staff untrained in cyber security might get lured in by phishing or social engineering scams. Cyber threats have become increasingly more sophisticated and precise. Moreover, security experts cite ‘untrained workers as the biggest risk to cyber security.’ That’s why you need a trained staff that is aware of the latest security threats and knows what to look for to prevent them. 

Consider the information about your team’s business, from their company passwords to more sensitive business data. A data breach of that information could mean extended downtime for your business, which could affect your revenue. Not to mention weakening employee morale and customer trust. You can avoid this by keeping your business data, networks, and systems secure with Optimising IT’s cyber security service.

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security Services and Training

A cyber security service can provide wide-ranging solutions for your business security. That is a necessity mainly if you, like most companies, employ remote workers. When your staff works remotely, there is an increased risk of a breach of sensitive data like their passwords or other company information because they’re using open WiFi networks. You can do something to prevent this, and that’s training your staff on how to protect that data. A well-trained, cyber threat-aware team can help prevent cybercrime. There are other benefits to these services and training, including:

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Cyber security consulting services keep organisations efficient and productive. How? Data breaches, malware, and ransomware attacks don’t just compromise your sensitive information; they slow down your networks and cause downtime, preventing your staff from working as efficiently as possible. When you invest in cyber security, you invest in your business’s efficiency and productivity. Isn’t that what every business owner wants? Of course, it is. Optimising IT can help you achieve this.

Reduced Threats 

Cyber security training courses keep your staff apprised of the latest threats. When your workers are informed about cyber security, they are less likely to be preyed on by phishing scams or social engineering schemes. That means more protection for your employees, business data and clients.

Prevents Downtime 

Cyber attacks don’t just affect your data; they can keep your business from functioning. If cybercrime makes it impossible to use your networks, you can’t help your customers. Moreover, suppose customer information was released in a data breach, you will have much work to do in recovering their data, and you’ll have to invest in credit and security monitoring for them which is bad for your revenue. What’s more, when you cause an inconvenience like this for clients, they may be unlikely to continue their business relationship with you.


Cyber security awareness isn’t just important for business; it’s required. Training doesn’t just inform your employees on how to keep sensitive data and information secure; training keeps your staff aware of the latest demands from IT governance. With Optimising IT’s cyber security compliance certification, your team will receive government-based training in cyber security and data protection. When your clients know that you’ve done the required training in cyber security, they’ll feel more confident in going into business with you.

A robust cyber security business plan involves a wide range of protection, including training and certification, technology, and continuous security monitoring. When you’re ready to increase your cyber business safety with training courses, we can help. Optimising IT provides award-winning cyber security services as an industry leader among UK cyber security companies. Whatever your cyber security needs, we can assist, providing cyber security plans that work for your business, so contact our team. 

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