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Innovation has become a must for businesses in all industries. To keep up with the times, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive long-term, organisations need to invest in business transformation projects. And because we’re living in a digital age, business transformation is often a case of digital transformation.

Beyond simply updating the technology supporting your processes, digital transformation is about streamlining operations, boosting productivity and ultimately, increasing profitability and revenue.

Every business transformation project will be unique. How you transform your processes and unlock your business’s potential will depend on your existing systems, operational requirements and organisational goals.

But if you’re looking for inspiration from businesses like yours, here are six examples of successful business transformation projects. We’ve summarised the success stories of big brands and small businesses to give you an idea of what transformation can look like for businesses of all sizes.

1: Hasbro’s Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Hasbro is an excellent example of why even the largest, industry-leading companies need to innovate and transform to stay relevant. This global toy company started their digital transformation in 2012 after experiencing a drop in market share. They took action to better understand and meet changing demands by gathering consumer data digitally.

By gathering and storing information about their customers using cloud-based applications, Hasbro made data-driven decisions regarding its products, marketing and customer service.

2: Nike’s Use Of Data And Cloud-Based Applications

Similar to Hasbro, Nike began using digital consumer data to connect with its customer base and meet their needs and wants. By collecting and storing consumer data, Nike opened up opportunities for data analysis and data-led product development.

Using insights from customers, Nike focused on improving customers’ experience with the brand. They opened concept stores, increased membership opportunities for loyal customers, and created applications and online tools, giving consumers more ways to interact with the brand.

3: A Recruitment Company’s Full-Scale System Modernisation

Bristol Recruitment Company is a smaller, local business that completed a successful business transformation project. Their project started with a cyber security initiative but quickly turned into a full-scale legacy system modernisation project.

They set out on a mission to meet changing data security requirements and better protect their customers’ data. But as they further explored their IT infrastructure with the help of our team, and as the pandemic hit, they identified the need for further transformation.

Like many companies during the pandemic, the recruitment company needed to enable flexible working while ensuring the highest security standards were met. They worked with Optimising IT to create a plan for long-term, flexible working using Microsoft 365, and with a full suite of cyber security and managed IT services, they exceeded their productivity and security objectives.

You can read more about how we helped the Bristol Recruitment Company here.

4: Dominos’ Multi-Device Digital Innovations

Today, Dominos is a leading takeaway pizza chain, but in the mid-2000s, the company faced the threat of collapse. Customers weren’t happy, and stock prices were dropping fast. But the brand managed to turn things around with a highly successful business transformation project.

After gathering consumer data, Dominos invested in digital innovations — online tools, mobile applications and multi-device systems.

Their pizza tracker was the first of its kind, allowing customers to track the status of their order in real-time. Then their mobile application gave customers the freedom to order from mobile devices, causing Dominos to regain its status as the dominant takeaway pizza brand.

But they didn’t stop there. After experiencing a slump in the mid-2000s, the brand recognised the need for continuous development and innovation.

In 2015, Dominos developed Anyware, a system that made it possible for customers to place orders through a wide range of devices and online platforms. Now, customers can order pizza through smart home devices and social media platforms, including Slack, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

5: A Market-Leading Vehicle Leasing Company’s Overhauled User Support System

Vanarama is a leading company and part of Autorama Group, offering vehicle hire and leasing services, insurance provision and fleet management. This company came to us recently looking to transform their business operations with managed IT services. But they wanted more than outsourced IT solutions — they were looking to make a change by working with a strategic partner.

As a business that relies heavily on its IT infrastructure, Vanarama needed any technical issues to be solved as quickly as possible. They needed their staff to feel supported in case of problems arising and wanted a partner who could help them reduce risks and prevent issues from occurring again.

We overhauled their user support system, giving Vanarama’s staff access to experienced and knowledgeable analysts with vital customer service skills. The result was high rates of first-contact problem-solving — Vanarama’s staff now get the help and resolutions they need when they need it.

We also helped the company increase productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365, and with cyber security services, we minimise the risk of data breaches and optimised data handling.

With our help, Vanarama completely overhauled its IT support system and cyber security.

6: Improved Employee Satisfaction And Customer Service With The Help of A Strategic Partnership

Bruton Knowles is a property consultancy firm that was struggling with downtime caused by fragile IT infrastructure. When systems fail, employees become frustrated, and it prevents the company from delivering the best customer service.

With 12 offices across the UK, they knew the importance of IT connectivity but needed help achieving it. They wanted to reduce downtime, increase security and implement IT systems that supported maximum productivity and efficiency. However, they weren’t just looking for support. They were looking to build a long-lasting, strategic partnership with an IT company that shared their values and would go the extra mile to help them succeed.

By partnering with Optimising IT, they transformed their systems and changed the way they delivered people-orientated services. We acted like an in-house IT department and worked with Bruton Knowles to develop a resilient and user-friendly IT system. We reduced downtime by 30%, and by creating more efficient systems, we increased employee satisfaction and made excellent customer service possible.

Streamline Your Operations And Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Your Own Business Transformation Project

When you embrace new technologies and business transformation, you can ensure your organisation survives and thrives in the ever-changing business landscape. Business transformation is hugely important if you want to keep up with shifting market demands.

Whether you update your IT system to improve efficiency, adopt new tools to change the way you work, or form a strategic partnership to transform your systems and processes, business transformation can give your company a competitive advantage.

At Optimising IT, we’re able to help you achieve business transformation by offering the support you need. We offer a range of services to help you overcome digital challenges and drive transformation from cloud services to consultancy, cyber security solutions, and managed IT support. We’re award-winning, accredited and certified IT experts.

For more examples of successful business transformation projects, take a look at our case studies. Or, to start your own digital transformation, request a free IT system review.